Problems with P11d V25 download

Is anyone else having issues with the upgrade to V25? I downloaded it yesterday and imported my employees, but in the bottom right corner it is still showing as tax year 18/19.

I called support this morning and they said to try redownloading the new software but that has not resolved the problem. Is anyone else having issues?

  • Hello Sophie,

    It was nice to speak to you earlier, it looks like the data had become corrupted between your last backup when you had completed your previous P11D's in v24 and upgrading to version 25.

    Creating a blank set of data in P11D v25 and restoring the backup from last year allowed the data to successfully update and now shows, and is working on the correct legislation for the 19/20 tax year.

    Kind Regards


    Sage Technical Support
    Sage UK Ltd