2019/20 p11d software

I see the post that says software is now mid May?

I dont see any explanation as to why?

is there going to be a credit from SAGE for the delay?

i am going to look at other providers and considering cancelling services. I have a demo now booked with IRIS.

  • Hello Jason,

    Sincere apologies for the delay in responding to your query.

    We had to delay the development of the P11d software for this year due to the impacts of both PYE and Coronavirus. The late budget and subsequent changes in March added effectively 6 weeks to the PYE project, which would usually complete in January.  

    This was been followed by the Coronavirus lockdown impact on Sage, and new unplanned Job retention scheme work, which delayed the release of Sage 50 P11D v25.

    The software was since been released and is available for download.

    Regarding your request for a refund, as the invoice is for the annual update to the software and this is a now available, albeit later than in previous years, we are not crediting P11D invoices.

    Again, apologies for the delay in the release of this year P11D, I will ensure your feedback is passed on to the relevant people.

    Kind Regards


    Sage Technical Support
    Sage UK Ltd