How can i email P11Ds? I email payslips from payroll so assume the facility is available.

Any assistance please

  • I don't think you can, I tried last year and it didn't work. I checked with sage a few months ago to see if they had mended for this years release and the answer I got was no.

    However, if anyone can let me know a way of doing this direct from the software it would be appreciated.
  • Hi

    I've got the standard P11D package so I can't create or edit reports, but this is what is partially working for me:

    1. Clear/swap or highlight all the employees you want a P11D for.
    2. Make sure they have email addresses in their records.
    3. Go to Reports at the top of the screen. When it opens a box choose Employee in the left pane and scroll down to the report you want - I've been advised to use P11DEmail.
    4. RIGHT-CLICK on this and choose 'email'.
    5. If you have P11D Professional (it comes with Report Writer), you may now have to open the report and choose 'email' as the report type. If like me you don't, you should now be able to choose your MAPI/email client (i.e. Microsoft Outlook) and away it goes.

    My problem is that my P11D software won't recognise that Outlook is already my default MAPI/email client and won't connect to it. But my IT department is trying to work out why for me. :)

    EDIT - we have 64 bit machines/Windows and P11D emailing seems to only like 32 bit. This means I will never be able to email P11Ds to my employees for 2017-2018. Very disappointing as this it what we bought it for, but here's hoping next year's works with 64 bit!

    Hope this helps - it's only a partial answer and may not work for you, but that's as far as I've got!


  • Hi John,

    If your PC is 32 bit, then the following will work for you:

    Ensure there is an email address in the employee record
    Go to Reports then click Employee. Select P11D 2017/2018 Email - then click Email.

    If you're using Sage 50 P11D Standard, to email your P11Ds, right-click on the report then click Email.

    This will produce an email per employee containing their P11d form.

    If you are using a 64bit machine, unfortunately you cannot email the P11d report directly from the Sage 50 P11d program due to incompatibility with the PDF driver.

    If you have another computer in the office that uses a 32-bit version of Windows, we recommend installing Sage 50 P11D on this computer. You can create a blank company and restore a backup taken from the computer using a 64-bit version of Windows, then email or save reports as a PDF file.

    Alternatively, you can install a PDF generator software. For example, CutePDF Writer is available at You can then use this software to save the report as a PDF file and if applicable, email the file as an attachment.

    Kind Regards

    Tech Support
    Sage UKI
  • Hi Tech Support,

    This issue with the 64 bit has been am issue for a few years now, and has caused me no end of issues.

    Can you tell me please if this is ever going to be addressed and esp for next year ?

    because if it is not i'm afraid we wont be using your software next year.

    I look forward to hearing from you