Removal of old GRN's / stock issuing process

Hi all,

This may sound like a really basic question, but I thought i would ask it anyway.

We use works orders with BOM's and raise / allocate / issue these in the normal manner. The proportion of the components are large items and these are picked into each of the kits by Stores personnel and the stock is downgraded when the works orders are allocated and issued. A similar proportion of the components are small "consumable" items, such as bolts, plastic caps, etc and these are detailed on the BOM's, but set as "bulk issue" lines. These are issued from stock in bulk to the production line and downgraded from stock using the stock-take function. (previously, i used a version of Sicon Sage 200 and this allowed you to issue and return goods as part of Stock control, so getting used to adjusting the stock in a manual way as stock take did take some getting used to.)

We now have a lot of GRN lines for each item with 0 stock showing, so when we want to downgrade consumable stocks it is time consuming to scroll up and down through the list to adjust the stock quantities.

Can anyone advise on the following.....

1. Given that we do not want to pick the consumable parts into kits and issue them through works orders, is there a better way of downgrading the stock?

2. is there a way of removing the GRN lines with 0 stock?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.