File Maintenance - Inaccurate allocated products

Hi folks,

In the last few months we had to cope with some data corruption. To get rid of it, we and our technical support had to wiped out all works orders in our "Orders" module. 

The result was what we wanted to, there wasn't any inaccurate allocated products.

However, after a few days we came across with the following:

We press the "Fix" button, and we run file maintenance once again, and the output was:

So, after some investigation we got to the bottom of some of the issues. The majority of them were related to bulk issue items (which shouldn't happen as it is a bit tricky to screen real problems), nevertheless we sorted the majority. But it somehow duplicated some of the lines and now we can't fix them, as we don't know where they are allocated.

The other problems, as we had the works orders numbers were easy fixed. The products code were in the respective works orders, we just typed them once again (sage popped the message "this component already exist on the Works Order"), we deleted the other line and allocated again, problem solved. 

But now every time we run maintenance we have the following:

Any idea how to fix it?

Thank you :)  

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