User Access Rights


I am looking at doing a full review and updating the settings for each of our Users on Sage Manufacturing 50 (and later Sage Accounts), but need a better understanding of the different sub options.

Is there a list of what each one does and the impact is has on other functions.

For example on the Bill of Materials, i want people to have access to be able to see BoMs but not do anything else; what do they need access to?? What does the Record tick box involve; actually recording something or simply access to a record??

Any help is greatly appreciated!



  • Hi Neil,

    Apologies for the delay in a response. We don't have a comprehensive list of what each option does or a matrix detailing what happens if option X is ticked but option Y is not and vice versa.

    If you want to give users the ability to view a BoM then ensure the option 'Record' is ticked, to ensure the end user cannot save any potential changes to the BoM then ensure the option 'Record - Save' is not ticked, this in effect gives the user 'read only' access for viewing BoMs.