• Sage 50 HR v4.0 absence summary

    Hi im using sage 50 hr v4.0 and I can only see the absence summary for 2 employees for 2021-2022 how do I get it for all the employees? its as if it hasnt updated for all employees?

  • Sage HR - employee requesting holidays

    At present our employees request their absence and the request is sent to their line manager for approval.

    Does Sage HR offer this facility, from what I have read it is up to HR administrators to input holidays - which would be unrealistic for an organisation…

  • working patterns

    We are just starting to set up SAGE HR and wondered if the working patterns need to be completed with actual start and finish times or the total of hours worked for any given day? What screens does this information affect? Does it feed through to holidays…

  • How to transfer individual staff details?


    I have created two companies within Sage 50 HR and would like to find out how to transfer individual staff members into the new company within sage 50 HR?

    Thanks in advance.



  • Changing a field name on Sage 50 HR


    Is it possible to change an existing field name in Sage 50 HR?

    We want to monitor more of the Equality/Diversity information than Sage currently keeps (i.e. religion/beliefs). There are fields that we do not hold information on (i.e. driving licence…

  • Linking Sage 50 HR with internal timesheet software



    My company uses an in-house software for tracking timesheets. Currently we are required to manually enter the timesheet for each employee in Sage 50 HR.

    Is it possible to integrate our in-house software to Sage 50 HR for automated timesheets update…