• Furlough Employees

    Hi - I am using Sage HR and I wondered how I can show on some employees that they have been furloughed due to the situation with COVID-19?


  • Benefits of Sage HR

    We use Sage 50C and Manufacturing and all the current HR records are kept in Excel, paper files and calendars for reminders.... can anyone explain the clear benefits of paying for this added service with Sage?  or would you recommend I carry on as I have…

  • Sage Payroll not fully syncing with Sage HR.

    We have only recently started using Sage HR so there are many things we don't know yet.. I haven't checked everybody in the organisation, but I was looking for an employee who started a couple of months ago and their record doesn't appear in Sage HR.…

  • Employment History

    We were told we can create employment history in employees' records. How do we do this?

  • Changing a field name on Sage 50 HR


    Is it possible to change an existing field name in Sage 50 HR?

    We want to monitor more of the Equality/Diversity information than Sage currently keeps (i.e. religion/beliefs). There are fields that we do not hold information on (i.e. driving licence…

  • Gender neutrality not supported?


    Don't know how many others have come across this, but with the gender neutrality issue coming up more popular this may be relevant to others as well.

    Today we have come across our first employee who has indicated neither Male nor Female gender…