Sage 50 HR v4.0 absence summary

Hi im using sage 50 hr v4.0 and I can only see the absence summary for 2 employees for 2021-2022 how do I get it for all the employees? its as if it hasnt updated for all employees?

  • Hello Olivia, 

    Apologies for the delay in responding to your query. 

    In order to help you further, would it be possible to have a little more information please. 

    When you are referring to the absence summary, do you mean the actual absence summary window in the software, or the absences summary report? 

    If the issue is relating to the absence summary window, can you access the absence summary window for them but just not see a 2021-22 holiday year?  

    Kind Regards 


    Sage UK Technical support

  • Hi Richard 

    Thanks for your reply. its in the absence summary window not a report. Yes I can access the absence summary window  it shows all the employees names. once I click on the absence summary under tasks it will only show the current 2021-2022 for two employees not all of them?

    Thanks Olivia