Absence Details - Duration field is protected for some absence records

When we go to a given record, sometimes the duration can be modified, sometimes not.

The behaviour will even differ for a given employee.

Can someone enlighten me what controls this please?

  • Hello Gary,

    Sincere apologies for the delay in responding to your query.

    The duration of an absence record being zero, is generally caused buy one of two things, the first being the working pattern. If a duration is zero, the first thing to check would be that the employee has a work pattern applied, and the the work pattern has an effective from date entered that is prior to the absence date for the record you are creating.

    The second issue is caused by the company holiday year dates being entered into the company holidays section, this makes the software think the whole year is essentially a company holiday, and will therefore not recognise the day as an absence.

    To check, click on Company in the bottom left stacked tool bar, then from the menu options at the top left click on Company Holidays, this will show any company holiday records and their dates that have been added. They would generally be single dates for bank holidays etc, so if any show the full holiday year dates, the record would need to be deleted. 

    Kind Regards 

    Sage UK Technical support