SAGE 50HR archive employees

Hi I want to archive some of our employees.  I have read a guide which states the following actions:

Employees, Criteria, Historical - however i do not have these options when when pressing Employees, criteria.

The only option i have is Do not show employees who have left.

Will this archive the past employees?

  • Will my colleague who runs the payroll side of SAGE have to archive the past employees?

  • Hello Christine,

    Apologies for the delay in responding to your query.

    Sage 50 HR does not have an archive feature as such in the same way that Sage 50 Payroll does. In Sage 50 HR all employees will remain in the software whether they are active or leavers until they are deleted, however deleting an employee will completely remove the employee record and all the information it holds from the software.

    You can however hide the leavers from displaying in Sage 50 HR using the 'Criteria' button in the employee section, to do this click on the criteria button in toolbar above the employee list and then tick the box 'Do not show employees who have left' and then click 'OK'.

    Kind Regards


    Sage Technical Support
    Sage UK Ltd