Sage Payroll not fully syncing with Sage HR.

We have only recently started using Sage HR so there are many things we don't know yet.. I haven't checked everybody in the organisation, but I was looking for an employee who started a couple of months ago and their record doesn't appear in Sage HR. Ask Sage says that it happens if the employee has some matched pension scheme. This employee has nothing different from others so I see no reason why it would be this way.

Any advice?



  • Hi Rasa,

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    There can be a number of reasons as to why the sync software may not be transferring data correctly. You should check the log in the software first, as this will display if the initial data matching process has completed correctly. To check if the data is matching you can delete the current synchronisation you have and then create a new one.

    After the sync has created, click the ‘log’ button then check the most recent line. If the first line shows ‘Matched associations between….’, this shows that the sync software has been able to match the employees up. The sync should then work from this point.

    If the first line of the sync displays ‘Failed to match associations’, the software has not matched the employees and further  troubleshooting will be needed. You can find full info on setting up the sync software here. This article also has a section on troubleshooting issues with the HR/Payroll sync software.

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