Gender neutrality not supported?


Don't know how many others have come across this, but with the gender neutrality issue coming up more popular this may be relevant to others as well.

Today we have come across our first employee who has indicated neither Male nor Female gender. What do we do? Sage HR does not allow a profile to be saved without entering either Male or Female.

I appreciate gender neutrality is a fairly new topic, but transgender (which is a protected characteristic in the Equality Act 2010) is not and even that does not exist in the system.

Does this mean we must discriminate (and break the law) if we want to use Sage?

 I would very much appreciate a response from a Sage representative to find out how to overcome the issue.


  • Hi Rasa,

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    Sage 50 HR links with Sage 50 Payroll and so the only options in the employee Gender field are Male and Female, to comply with current PAYE regulations. It is up to the individual to make a determination as to which gender to use for PAYE purposes.

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