Report to show VAT in T21 code?


I can't find a reconciliation report to show the RC Vat collected in the T21 vat code.  Is there one?

I dislike not being able to 'prove' the VAT return is correct and without a means of generating a report to show what was processed under T21 I can't reconcile the return.

Has anyone found one?

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    Hi Julie,

    Thanks for using Sage City, and my apologies for the delay in reply.

    I'm not aware of a report that shows that currently. However, you could send your transaction list to Excel and filter by the tax code and the date range of the VAT Return, although that would not include any late entries from the previous period. To do this, click Transactions then click Send To Excel.

    You may wish to put this forward on the Ideas Board for possible inclusion  in a future release of the software.

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