Recovering VAT on bad debt write offs.



I'm aware of this advice

But, when I do it, it is not affecting box 4 or 5 of my vat return.

Is there a hidden box that needs ticking somewhere?  I've spent the afternoon struggling with this and am losing my will to live!

Thank you!!

I'm very happy that the vat I'm reclaiming fits the hmrc rules, annoyingly part of it is over the four and a half years, so it's too late for that bit, but the rest is certainly recoverable.

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    Aaaand I fixed it.  

    My problem was that I was relying on N/C 2201 being the correct code, when mine was 2200.  No idea if that's what they used to be by default, or if my Dad freelanced it when he set it all up some 20 years ago..  But for anyone else who searches this in the future, make sure you read the text as well as the number, you're looking for the Tax Control Account and it might not be on 2201.

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    Pleased to see you got to the bottom of it John, and thanks for sharing your solution so others can find it.


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