"Out of Memory" when trying to do the VAT return



I'm trying to do the VAT return but it gets half way through running it and then stops and gives me the error message "out of memory". The only option is then to press ok. The box disappears and then sage has crashed so i have to force quit out and start again.

I spoke to sage and they suggested it was because we have too much data which is slowing it down and making it hard for it to run. They told me i should do a clear audit trail.

I know we have a huge amount of data but honestly with the amount of times we have problems with sage i dont really want to start deleting data as i just dont trust it. 

Has anyone else had this issue? Is there another way around fixing it without deleting old files?


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    I recently had an Out of Memory error on a report that previously worked.  I did the not-quite extreme of logging out of Windwos and back in (the extreme would be rebooting Windwos - the standard helpline suggestion), and it seemed to clear the error.  (I didn't think to just close every application down to see if that would work.)

    I think I read somewhere that it could be that Sage is asking for a lot of contiguous memory, but due to the opening and closing of windows in [an] application[s], or of applications themselves, the memory of Windwos gets fragmented so that although you have enough memory free, there's not enough in one block to satisfy the request.

    We also have a lot of data in Sage which we can't (yet) delete.

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    Thanks. Unfortunately we've tried logging out of windows, turning the computer off, trying a different computer, updating windows... But its still giving the same out of memory error every time.

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    Before you click the "Calculate" button click the Settings button and uncheck all the check boxes and then try and calculate and it should work without the out of memory isue.

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    For what it's worth we have fixed one of the potential causes of the out of memory error in the upcoming v29 release.