• Sage MTD Submissions Module Could Not Find Data

    Good afternoon,

    I have used the submissions module a few times now with no issues for a group submission but I have come to use it again and it is having issues finding data. I have been to settings and made sure that the location of submission files…

  • MTD & Sage versions


    What version of Sage 50 (v23, v24, v25 etc) do I currently need to be using for clients to be able to use MTD, and is it true that Sage are going to make all old versions incompatible with MTD in 2022?


  • MTD submission


    I've been trying to submit my latest VAT return but it isn't submitting.  I've previously been able to do this without issues.  I've checked to see if there are any updates which may affect this, there aren't.  When I click 'submit…

  • Making Tax Digital


    I have just submitted my 3rd quarter VAT return via the Making Tax Digital software.

    There was a refund of £750.00 for an invoice on the Credit Card statement so this transaction was input into Sage as a 'VR' transaction.  This is a purchase…

  • VAT Submission


    We have submitted the first VAT return under MTD and the submission says complete in Sage. 

    However HMRC have written to us to say that the return is overdue. Called HMRC and they have a September Submission but not a June submission even though the…

  • Missing enable MTD VAT button!

    Hi, I upgraded my software a few months ago and am using the latest version V25.1.128.0

    When I upgraded, an MTD module appeared on my desktop and I assumed this what how I was to submit my Vat returns. 

    I have since realised that I should still be able…

  • Sage 50 V24 and connecting to HMRC for VAT MTD

    Been using this software for a good while, but I am getting somewhat irritated by the inconsistency of the connection,(or lack of it)

    The majority of the times it fails to connect to HMRC and  yet other times it does.

    So where is the problem and where…

  • Editing receipts for 1st MTD

    We are about to make our 1st MTD VAT submission and i have been transferring months worth of hand written ledgers on to sage. Edited a few bank receipts today using the steps from the transactions menu and ran a tax analysis report which seems to show…

  • Making Tax Digital - VAT Submission Issues

    To help your Making Tax Digital submission run smoothly, we've compiled a short list of articles that address the issues Sage customers have reported.


  • When do I need to actually upgrade to Sage 50 Cloud Accounts for MTD (i currently use sage 50 accounts professional 2012)


    I am aware that I need to upgrade my software and get the Sage 50 cloud accounts as the one i'm using at the moment does not support this.

    Our company has been told that our first MTD VAT return is due on or after 1st October 2019, this means…

  • Making Tax Digital (MTD) Web Chat Support

    Do you have any queries about Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT in Sage 50cloud Accounts?

    You can now chat with our dedicated MTD Support team online & they can help you with these, from setting up to submitting.

    You can chat with them from 9am -…

  • MTD module - VAT return not showing as submitted in Sage 50 Accounts

    I've just submitted my first VAT return using the new MTD module following the knowledge base article 41955 https://ask.sage.co.uk/scripts/ask.cfg/php.exe/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=41955 . 

    It submitted okay and shows as submitted if I log in to my…

  • Enable MTD button

    Hello, I have sage 50 accounts, have the latest update, and a box to tick enable making tax digital, however, Sage doesn't let to tick this box. Can you suggest what I should do next?

  • Sage 50 VAT submission not working

    Hi, is there a problem with VAT submission via Sage 50C? I joined the MDT scheme last quarter and managed to submit VAT directly from Sage on 1 Feb. However this time the Sage gets stuck while trying to communicate with HMRC. Anyone experiencing the same…

  • Blank Period Drop-Down Menu

    I am submitting a VAT return via MTD on Sage 50 Cloud Accounts. 

    I have followed the guide:

    Making Tax Digital for VAT - Calculate and submit your VAT Return in Sage 50cloud Accounts

    When I reach the final submission, and select the drop-down menu for…

  • Importing CSV files in to Sage as Journal's Credits/Debits?

    We import CSV files into Sage as Journal's Credits/Debits are these still acceptable with Making Tax Digital?
    The CSV files are created by a piece of software (Windows Service) that connects to a Web API to access the data then builds the CSV file. The…

  • MTD update via Proxy

    Hiya All,

    I have setup Making Tax Digital on our network.

    I need to do an update when it first open's it asks about doing an update, it says its found an update to do but when it comes to download it sits on 0% and then  times out,

    Has anyone seen…

  • Check if your Sage 50 Accounts is MTD-ready

    If you use Sage 50 Accounts, to be ready for Making Tax Digital (MTD) you should be using Sage 50cloud Accounts v24.2 or above.

    If you're not sure if you have the correct software for MTD, to help you find out you can use our quick MTD checker. It's easy…

  • How do we make sage 50 accounts V25 MTD compliant, without switching to Sage 50C?

    I have a client who has a Sage 50 instalation.  They don't want tgo switch to the Sage 50C monthly payment model  (and their ageing bookkeeper is unlikely to learn a new way of working I'm afraid).

    How do they make their Sage 50 v25  MTD compliant…

  • Making Tax Digital checklist

    Most businesses are now eligible to join HMRC's Making Tax Digital (MTD) open pilot.  If you use Sage 50 Accounts and you haven't signed up for MTD yet,  our MTD checklist can help you make the switch.

    View Sage 50cloud Accounts MTD checklist >…


    Hello everybody, 

    I was hoping to get some clarity on SAGE's MTD functionality. I am on subscription software so am told its MTD compliant, however I run SAGE on EUR base currency.

    I have asked SAGE in the past about this and was told that the current…

  • Enabling MTD

    When will we be able to enable MTD on Sage? I was hoping to submit 2018 Q4 via MTD as a practice run before it becomes mandatory, but it seems you have to join a 'closed pilot' in order to do this.

  • Using MTD where there are some EC transactions

    Hi. We have received notification from HMRC to that we can join the MTD pilot scheme. However, we have a few EC transactions (eg monthly Microsoft subscriptions) which are invoiced (in sterling) from EC (Dublin). No VAT is paid. We are running Sage 50cloud…

  • Bespoke training for Making Tax Digital

    The impact of Making Tax Digital (MTD) will vary from businesses to business. If you have Sage 50cloud Accounts already and you normally submit your VAT Returns direct from your software, then very little will change. Alternatively, if you currently submit…

  • Annual VAT returns and MTD

    I have the problem noted in article 28765,  ' VAT Return Too Old: Invalid Period – You cannot submit a return over 12 months old' when trying to submit our VAT return as we use the annual accounting scheme. For the past few years this has been no real…