Submit your period drop down box wont let me change the choice it gives.


Just at the last step of submitting and when I click the dropdown box, there are 2 options. When I try to change it for the other option, it wont let me. 

Is there a way I can change it and why wont it let me change?

Many Thanks

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    Hello Matt, 

    When you go through the submission process is it that it isn't showing you the correct period in the drop down? If so have you checked the period is open on HMRC's Site. 

    This guide explains what to do when the obligation period is not showing if you look at the section for Obligation Period Is Missing

    If this has answered your question please click More > Verify Answer.

    Regards, Sam

    Thank you for using Sage City

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    I have the same problem, would be very grateful if someone could let me know the answer.  The dop down menu shows the correct period but I am unable to select it. Thanks

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