Sage using the word Cloud

Anyone else throughly confused by Sage having Sage Cloud accounts and Sage 50Cloud accounts! Sage 50Cloud accounts isn’t hosted on the Cloud so why is it called that? I know it can be uploaded via the Sage link but that doesn’t make it a Cloud product (like Xero) - isn’t it still hosted on the individuals desktop?

Trying to explain to clients that a product called Cloud is cloud based is very problematic- they immediately ask “why is it called Sage 50Cloud then”?

sounds like Sage just want to sound trendy!

  • Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for using Sage City.

    Sage 50cloud Accounts is still a desktop product with your data held locally on your network, but with new cloud features powered by Microsoft Office 365. These features give you secure cloud and mobile access to your business data, performance, contacts, records, documents and key tasks, anytime, anywhere. It's the trust, security and power of the desktop, together with the freedom and flexibility of the cloud.

    You can find more info on what Sage 50cloud Accounts is and how it works here.


    Sage UKI