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I want to train new staff members to use Sage Cloud 50.

I don't want to use practice data as it may get reset.

The demonstration data set is setup with UK vat rates

Is there a Demonstration Data set that is set up with Irish VAT rates?



Is there a way to setup a test data setup by copying our current data set to a new company and make this new company our test data set?

We want to test some of the features, such as customer special prices and price lists and importing price lists, and having our own real data would make that easier.

Thank you


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    Hi Nilsson,

    Thanks for using Sage City.

    There isn't an Irish version of the demodata currently, but it might be worth suggesting this on the product Ideas Board, you can access the Ideas Board here: Open the Ideas Board

    With your multi-company licence, you could use one of those companies for training / demo purposes by restoring a backup of your data into a new company. You could then change the demo company name so that it is clearly marked as a demo / training co. 

    When you're finished with the demo co, or if you need to use that company for a real dataset, you can use the rebuild option to reset the company and start again.

    If you're training staff, don't forget Sage University offers free online training and certification for Sage 50 Accounts: Sage University

    We also offer free live webinar demonstrations of software features regularly: Live Webinars and there are recordings of previous webinars too: Recorded Webinars

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    Hi Andy,

    Thank you for your reply

    I have restored a backup to company 10 by changing the restore to file name to ".010" from ".001"

    In the Settings, Company preference I changed the business name to "Test Company" and I also changed the address to "Somewhere, Someplace" to reduce any confusion when documents might be printed during training.

    For clarity I changed the VAT number to 1234567A so as not have documents with our official VAT number being created.



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    Hi Nilsson, that's great, pleased to help.