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Webinar - What's new in Sage 50 Accounts v29 - Sessions booking now

Sage 50 Accounts V29 is jam packed with new features and enhancements.

The new related help feature enables you to access support and online content at the click of a button!

In response to ideas submitted in Sage City, and voted upon by you, we've made lots of improvements to a range of features.

Find out what's new in this live presentation, running regularly into March 2023.

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Slides for this presentation:

Sage 50 Accounts - Whats new in v29.pdf

Can't make a live session, don't worry a recording is available so you can catch up when you get a chance:

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Recent Q&A

Question Answer
Has the Gross column been added to the bank payment screen too? Yes, bank payment, bank receipt, batch invoice and credits
Will Sage be going 64Bit? Sage 50 Accounts is a 32 bit version as not everyone has a 64bit machine to run sage on
Any further improvements to RDA? There have been a couple of enhancements related to the removing the need to re-enter the Sage ID after upgrade, and an issue which could occur if the incorrect Sage ID is entered. We have also fixed an issue within the service which resulted in "Out of sync" issues.
Has a search been added to Quotations? Yes that was added in v28.2.
Will the issue with Out Of Memory be resolved when Emailing of templates? Yes, this issue has been resolved.
Loving the Search feature - has it been added Products (for example when adding a Product to an invoice line) thanks? Yes, so you could find a Product with the description or part number (as an example).
With multiple datafiles, does the upgrade have to be done per datafile, or is it just the host software that is upgraded? Is there a help sheet on this? You'll need to upgrade your software then you can just log in to each company to convert the data to the latest version. If you have a server, make sure your server is upgraded first. When the software has been released if you visit the Help Centre this will guide you through the process.
Are the system requirements updated for v29? They remain the same as for v28.
Am I correct in thinking we can now have an email field customized for customer statements and another for customer invoices? Yes - for example, you could assign one of the email fields with an email address required to send a statement and another for an invoice. You'd just need to ensure you did this consistently across your customer data.
Delighted with all these changes. I missed the start of the session. Did you mention a release date? The update should be available from 30 January.
Will the sage 50 ODBC driver v29 be available from the 30th Jan? Is it included in the software bundle? Yes, the ODBC driver is part of the product release.