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Tip - Financial Year End

For many small businesses, the end of the calendar year also signals the end of their financial year, and it will soon be time to run year end reports and tidy up the year's accounts.

We know that it's not always possible to close the year down as soon as it's finished. That's why in Sage 50 Accounts you can post into the new year before the old year is closed, giving you time to make sure you've recorded all of the required transactions. You can read more about this flexibility in the following Knowledgebase article: Can I post into the new financial year before I run my year end?

There are some quick tasks to complete in preparation for year end to help make sure it goes smoothly: Open the Prepare for Year End article.

When it comes to the year end process itself, this article leads with a video overview and simple steps to keep you right: How to complete a financial year end.

There's even a printable checklist to make sure you have everything covered: Checklist.

Not time for your year end yet? Why not bookmark the articles so you have them to hand when the time comes.