This Month in Q&A – September Edition

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Welcome to the first edition of a monthly blog on Sage’s innovative support channel, Q&A Live. For those of you who don’t know, Q&A Live is the quickest way to get a query answered, with a team of experts on hand to help resolve issues, develop knowledge and improve your experiences with your Sage software. Our pledge is to provide answers within minutes, if not seconds.  

Live and recorded content is shown throughout the day, with questions answered from 9-5, Monday to Friday. We also run Q&A Live TV which is an in-session daily 30-minute live experience, where one of our team will talk about what is trending and give live demonstrations and information.  

Q&A Live is split across 3 sessions, each one with its own portfolio of products that can be supported.  We can support Sage 50 Accounts, Sage Business Cloud Accounts and Payroll, Sage 50cloud Payroll, Sage Instant Payroll and finally Sage Payroll, for our Irish payroll customers.

This will be a monthly blog where we’ll talk about any exciting news that we’ve had, and hopefully some of you reading this will drop in and ask us some questions!

September was a very eventful month across all of Sage. We saw the launch of the Employee Wage Subsidy Scheme (EWSS) for our Irish payroll customers. This was a migration from one scheme to another for all of our Irish customers. The Payroll Q&A Live session was a great point for our customers to get help with this. We had informative demonstration videos running throughout the month, as well as live demonstrations of some of the more complex features of the new scheme on Q&A Live TV.

As well as supporting our Irish customers with the transition to EWSS, we also helped hundreds of UK customers transition into the next phase of the Job Retention Scheme. With the legislation changing every month, our customers were keen to ensure they were claiming the right amounts. With the help of webinars, and Q&A Live TV, as well as consistent live updates, we were able to effectively keep our customers on the right track!

In the Sage 50Cloud Accounts Q&A session we were able to show customers a first glimpse of the new V27 update that was due to be released in early October. The only way to see these new features before release was within our Q&A sessions, we did numerous Q&A Live TVs demonstrating new features, such as the hotly anticipated Remote Access update. The Q&A sessions are a great place to join if you are interested in seeing the latest changes whether it be software related or how legislation changes will affect you! 

Finally, in September, one of the three Customer Service Awards that Q&A Live has been nominated for this year, held their virtual awards ceremony. We were nominated for Best Digital Team at the UK Customer Service Awards, and whilst we didn’t win the award, it was an honour to be nominated. We still have one more Ceremony in November, so we look forward to updating you on how get on! 

That’s it from Q&A Live this month! If you want to join us, our sessions run from 9-5, Monday to Friday! Pay us a visit here! 

Have a great October! 

Dan Poole and Sam Hogarth

Q&A Live.