• Sage 50 Cloud accounts how to find unposted invoices

    Hi all,

    I am writing a basic system to automate chasing of invoice payments from customers so they get an email prompting them to pay outstanding invoices.

    I am struggling with v28 SDO to collect invoices that have not been posted

    Can anyone give me an…

  • Report showing stocked products with zero sales

    I'm looking to create a report, or (preferably!!) doctor an existing report, that will show me products that have had ZERO sales within a specified time period. Any ideas?

  • Remote Data Access is to be avoided at all costs

    Please heed this as a warning for anyone considering using Remote Data Access.

    If you value your data in any way, then please, for the love of everything sane DO NOT use it.

    Now I will say, the program itself offers some good features. I especially like…

  • Using back up manager to backup to a mapped drive

    Is it possible to use backup manager to schedule the backup to a mapped drive on our network?

  • Sage City Ideas Board Drives New Features and Improvements in v28.1

    Sage 50cloud Accounts v28.1 features a large selection of features that were requested directly by customers though the Sage City Ideas Board.

    The Ideas Board is an online forum where you can suggest features and improvements and vote for other suggestions…

  • Access rights to different Personal

    Since version 21 I have continually contact support and the software writers about the question I raised with you. Personally the new read Only user defeats the object in that many businesses have several users on the software at the same time and all…

  • Inclusive Autoentry and Suppler Payments - discount if not using them?

    Whilst it is always nice to have something included, neither of these services I'm now paying for within the subscription is of much use to me.  I've tried the AutoEntry, in case it helped, but it is slower than doing things manually plus it can't…

  • Budget figures not reporting

    Using standard budgeting in Sage 50C Prof. I've entered budgets for the first time,  and they show fine in budgeting, but any report that I run returns either 'no data found' (if budget only) or zero in the budget column of actuals vs budget type reports…

  • April Support Bulletin - Out now!

    The latest edition of the Support Bulletin is now available. Topics include:

    • The Chancellor's Spring Statement
    • Making Tax Digital for VAT  - What it means for you.
    • How to complete your financial year end
    • Customising invoice layouts
    • Free live Webinars…
  • Anyone Interested In A CRM For Sage 50cloud (also known as Sage 50c)

    Having used Line 50 as our 'back-office' system for 18 years we tried to find a CRM that would seamlessly integrate with it and endded-up creating our own.

    We having been using our system for over 18 months and, as well as standard CRM functionality…

  • bulk entry under the BIRDS scheme

    Hello, Does anyone know how to account for VAT under the bulk entry  BIRDS scheme?

    In January I imported a low-value package from an Italian supplier (B2B). I did this on my own Fed Ex account and produced the commercial invoice myself and had the goods…

  • Is there any way to unactivate foreign trader?

    We activated the add on previously but will now no longer need it, how can we turn it off and return to a traditional view of bank accounts etc? Without base balance etc etc 


  • Reporting on Covid support grant income

    If you've received income from Covid support grants, you may want to report on what you've received, for example, to help you with a company tax return. It's easy to run a Nominal Activity report to see the activity on your Covid grant nominal codes in…

  • Need to enter your latest commodity codes?

    Commodity codes are used worldwide to classify goods for import and export and are reviewed by the World Customs Organisation every 5 years. The latest changes were made on 1 January 2022.

    For help to find the latest commodity codes, you can visit the…

  • Switching off the 'Date entered is outside current financial year' message

    If your financial year ended on 31 December, you may now be seeing the message 'Date entered is outside current financial year' whenever you post a transaction. While normally a useful message, you may not want to see it for every transaction you post…

  • Why has emailing (or printing) a supplier remittance advice now got several more steps with V

    What happened over the festive break?! Before Christmas, when making a supplier payment, selecting the button to 'Create a Remittance Advice' immediately brought up the remittance advice note. It was then simply a case of sending to email, printing or…

  • Additional Coronavirus funding for hospitality and leisure sectors

    On 21 December 2021 the Government announced additional Coronavirus funding to support businesses in the hospitality and leisure sectors who've been most impacted by the Omicron variant.

    To find out how to account for grants received in your Sage…

  • Be more efficient in 2022 by decluttering your accounts

    Be more efficient in 2022 and stop old records building up, cluttering your accounts and slowing you down. It's easy to delete or hide records you don't need, so why not take a look today?

    Read more >

  • V28 Upgrade Lost Data

    Has anyone experienced any data loss in upgrading their Sage 50 cloud Accounts to V28?  We run a multi user, multi company license and have experienced in three of our companies that we had lost data.  Two companies was approximately a weeks worth but another…

  • Quick tip - Selecting multiple records

    Did you know there are two ways to select multiple records in Sage 50cloud Accounts?

    What's more you can amend your software settings to use the method you prefer.

    Find out more >

  • Import standard budgets into your accounts

    When running your year end you can automatically apply a percentage increase on this year's budgets or actuals to create budgets for next year. But if you use standard budgeting and you have more complicated changes to make to your budgets, did you…

  • Outlook 2010 doesn't work in Sage 50 Accounts Version 28

    I am accustomed to upgrades causing problems but Sage has excelled with Version 28.  Shame on you Sage.  Not good value for money any more.  I'm going elsewhere.

  • Tip - Set your software display preferences

    In the Options window you can set preferences for how windows display in your software.

    For example, you may want to set colour themes or add gridlines to make things easier to read, set all users to view the same columns, or perhaps configure what happens…

  • Tip - Quickly check for sales invoices you haven't sent or updated

    Did you know you can use the Accounts audit option in Sage 50 Accounts to quickly check for sales invoices that haven't been emailed, printed or posted to the ledgers within 14 days? Useful for protecting your cash flow and avoiding missing invoice queries…

  • An easy way to track changes in your accounts data

    If you work with others on your accounts data, sometimes you may need to find out when a certain change was made or who made it. When this happens, the Event Log can save you time. It's really easy to use and tracks details of important changes, including…