• Outlook 2010 doesn't work in Sage 50 Accounts Version 28

    I am accustomed to upgrades causing problems but Sage has excelled with Version 28.  Shame on you Sage.  Not good value for money any more.  I'm going elsewhere.

  • Tip - Set your software display preferences

    In the Options window you can set preferences for how windows display in your software.

    For example, you may want to set colour themes or add gridlines to make things easier to read, set all users to view the same columns, or perhaps configure what happens…

  • Tip - Quickly check for sales invoices you haven't sent or updated

    Did you know you can use the Accounts audit option in Sage 50 Accounts to quickly check for sales invoices that haven't been emailed, printed or posted to the ledgers within 14 days? Useful for protecting your cash flow and avoiding missing invoice queries…

  • An easy way to track changes in your accounts data

    If you work with others on your accounts data, sometimes you may need to find out when a certain change was made or who made it. When this happens, the Event Log can save you time. It's really easy to use and tracks details of important changes, including…

  • Report Designer


    Could you tell me, is it still not possible to join SOP_ITEM and INVOICE_ITEM within Sage 50 Report Designer?

    I have tried and can't seem to get it to work. I know it was a know issue years ago, but I would have thought Sage would have fixed it by…

  • Shortcut to your favourite webpage from within your software

    Is there a webpage you refer to often when working on your accounts? Perhaps a page on the HMRC website, or a useful Sage Knowledgebase article. 

    It's really easy to set the F12 function key to open a webpage of your choice from within Sage 50cloud…

  • Get more from your Sage subscription...

    Are you getting the most from your Sage subscription, which packs lots more value than simply smashing your admin. From our top 50cloud features, free training and support to Government advice, we've got you covered. What else could you be bossing?…

  • Making it easier to get help in Sage 50cloud Accounts v28

    To help you find answers fast, Sage 50cloud Accounts v28 installs a shortcut to the Sage 50cloud Accounts Help Centre on your Windows desktop, so help is only one click away. 

    In case you missed it, we've also made some great improvements to the Help Centre…

  • Need some help with Remote Data Access?

    Find answers to all your Remote Data Access queries in our Working remotely hub. Whether you're setting up for the first time, or you need to troubleshoot an issue, we've got it covered.

    Take a look > 

  • Recording proposed dividends and dividend payments

    If you need to record proposed dividends and dividend payments, it's easy to do this in Sage 50cloud Accounts using journals and bank payments.

    Take a look at our step-by-step guide >

  • Check if a transaction is VAT reconciled

    When you reconcile your VAT Return in your software, all transactions that were included in that VAT Return are flagged as VAT reconciled.

    If you later need to check if a transaction has been VAT reconciled, for example, for audit purposes or error corrections…

  • Make bank reconciliation easier

    When you do a bank reconciliation, to make it easier to find each transaction you can sort the Un-matched transactions window. For example, you may want to sort transactions by date to match the order on your bank statement, or you may prefer to sort…

  • Recording corporation tax in Sage 50cloud Accounts

    Is it that time of the year again? If your business pays corporation tax, in Sage 50cloud Accounts you can show this as an expense on your profit and loss report after net profit.

    Our quick guide explains how to record corporation tax liability and payment…

  • An easy way to protect your data

    Taking data backups doesn't have to be a chore.

    You can use the Backup Manager to make regular backups automatically in the background. So there's no more staying behind in the office to back up, or waiting for others to log out first.

    Read more…

  • Agents Commission Report

    Simple question (I think). How do I amend the Agents Commission 10% report to show only the invoice total and commission and NOT every invoice line.

    Any help would be appreciated Thanks.

  • Ability to handle "units of sale" or "units of measure"

    I know this has been asked before, going back years it seems, but I'll ask again.

    I buy a lot of electronics parts, and for some of these, they come in reels of 1000, 4000, 10000 etc.  So when ordering a reel of 10000 parts, each component is £0.005…

  • Should 'Quotations' be visible in the navigation bar in Sage 50cloud Accounts?

    We have Sage 50cloud Accounts v27.2, and 'Quotations' isn't visible in the navgation bar - is this right? I understand that there is a difference with how quotes can be converted in the Pro version of Sage - but any documentation I can find online seems…

  • Sage Accounts Support Bulletin - August edition out now

    The latest edition of the Sage Accounts Support Bulletin is now available. Topics include:

    • Automating your backups
    • How to undo a bank reconciliation
    • Tips to boost your cash flow and more...

    Why not grab a coffee and read a copy online here >


  • Quick tips to boost your cash flow

    A healthy cash flow is vital for a successful business and Sage 50cloud Accounts has some great features to help with that. But every little helps as they say, so we've pulled together some quick tips you can try straight away. It all adds up...

  • Easy audit checks for peace of mind

    Before important tasks such as your VAT Return or Year end, you can use the Accounts audit options to quickly check for possible errors. Options include:

  • Simple steps to create a supplier remittance

    Sending your supplier a remittance along with your payment helps to reduce errors and payment queries, as it shows your supplier exactly which invoices you've paid.

    In Sage 50cloud Accounts it's quick and easy to generate a remittance at the same time…

  • Last Cost Price Automatic Updating

    When receiving deliveries, Sage automatically updates the product last cost price to that contained within the PO.  Is it possible to turn this feature off?

  • Ways to save time processing your accounts

    Time is a valuable resource. The more time spent on a task during the day means less time available to spend on other tasks.

    Sage 50cloud Accounts has a lot of tools and features to help make things quicker and more time efficient when it comes to your…

  • Using IF statement to select a delivery date?


    I have a Sales Order confirmation form set up so that each line on the order can show its own delivery date. This calls on SOP_ITEM.DUE_DATE and has to be manually input.

    Should any line contain a blank SOP_ITEM.DUE_DATE then I want to be able…

  • CIS Reverse Charge & CIS Return

    We are a contractor who has been invoiced by a subcontractor.  We have processed the invoice in Sage under the Domestic Reverse Charge Rules.  Do we still need to complete a CIS Return in the normal way to show the CIS deduction?