• Include credit notes in supplier invoices due and overdue report


    I was wondering if it would be possible that credit notes could be picked up in the supplier invoices due and overdue report at all 

    i have included a screen shot of the report and the filter for the "type" as i am assuming this is what will need to…

  • Remote Data Access is to be avoided at all costs

    Please heed this as a warning for anyone considering using Remote Data Access.

    If you value your data in any way, then please, for the love of everything sane DO NOT use it.

    Now I will say, the program itself offers some good features. I especially like…

  • SAGE Pastel Partner South AFrican SDK vs SAGE 50 and SAGE 50c UK edition differences and compatibility

    Hi Everyone

    We have developed a few apps to help automate capturing into SAGE Pastel Partner in South Africa. We have been approached by a few UK companies using SAGE 50 to look at the same products. I have been trying to research whether the sdk connector…

  • Merging Databases

    We have our sales and purchases ledgers on separate databases, we now want to merge them into a single database, can anyone advise how to do this? 

  • ActiveSearch problem

    I've been using Sage 50 Cloud Accounts since I started my current job nearly 3 years ago and there's a major glitch that I've been tolerating as detailed below.

    When I post invoices using the "Batch Supplier Invoice" box, quite often the first…

  • Add credit notes to itemised chase letter


    I would like to include credit notes on the reminder letter as it s only showing the invoice. 

    Can anyone advise how i do this please 

    Thank you 

  • Access rights to different Personal

    Since version 21 I have continually contact support and the software writers about the question I raised with you. Personally the new read Only user defeats the object in that many businesses have several users on the software at the same time and all…

  • Project costings

    Please can you make it easier to correct an entry in the project costings. Currently if I enter a charge and then need to correct it I have to raise a credit and then start again.

  • Extracting Product Details to an Excel file

    Hi. I'm wanting to extract the product details however most of our product codes start with varying numbers of zero's and some without zero's at all. I need to retain the zero's but after extracting the data I have lost all the leading zero's. Is there…

  • Complete multiple Sales Orders for one Customer to one single Invoice

    Good afternoon,

    It would be incredibly useful to be able to highlight multiple Sales Orders for one customer and complete them all to one single invoice.

    This would be incredibly beneficial when sending orders overseas where a singular invoice is absolutely…

  • ODBC link to Excel in current year before the ledgers are closed for the prior year


    I have the ODBC link set up to extract info from Sage for our monthly accounts, by month and nominal codes. We don't close our ledgers until our Stat accounts are completed so the ledger is still showing prior year. Is there a way I can change the…

  • Technical Issue - Staff cannot run Sage 50 Accounts v28 without "Run as administrator"

    Hi everyone,

    We've had this problem consistently since introducing Sage 50 Accounts v28. We utilise an RDS system to allow staff to access Sage. The infrastructure is setup with a gateway and 4 session hosts. Separately, we have a file server that houses…

  • C79 - journal entry problems

    Help required - VAT return needs to be in asap and I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to work this out, but failing at the last hurdle!

    Re: 'How do I post import VAT and duty on goods purchased from a country outside the UK?' article.…

  • v28.1

    Anyone know when this will be available?

  • Projects & Departments

    Hi All,

    I am after some advice. We currently use projects in SAGE 50 for costing purposes. We have, in the past had 5 or 6 projects (installation of different energy saving measures) under one contract for which we have separated out the costs & revenues…

  • CALENDAR_EVENT.DTA is in use

    Hi There. Whenever i try to post something on Sage50 i am getting a pop-up with SALENDAR_EVENT.DTA is in use.

    The program the freezes.

    Any ideas please? This is happening on all the PC's (network version), so not limited to one PC

  • Adding WEB_DETAILS to a Sales Order Layout inhibits "M" (message) fields

    I have a fully working Layout for Printing Quotations (run from Sales Orders) but if I add the WEB_DETAILS data field to the report, it inhibits "M" (Message) items being displayed.

    Accounts, v28.0.226.0 & Report Designer v5.0.251.0

  • Cannot Send to Excel - Failed to Connect

    In Sage50 Cloud Accounts, whenever we try to "Send to Excel", we get an error message saying "Failed to connect to Excel".

    This has worked for years for us, and still works on existing machines when accessing data off the same Sage…

  • Is it possible to setup invoicing for government margin scheme https://www.gov.uk/vat-margin-schemes?

    Is it possible to create an invoice for product where part of the price is charged 0% VAT and part of it charged at 1/6th as per the Government margin scheme. Then send customer an invoice showing totals only e.g.

    • For a product sold at £560
    • Cost…
  • Issues with Sage50 Accounts v28 in RDS

    Hi everyone,

    Putting up a post as we are at the end of our set of ideas, and SAge's support are effectively washing their hands and refusing to provide any helpful support on this issue.

    We utilise an RDS environment for our team to access various…

  • Recording on-line sales

    I sell products on-line.

    Once a customer makes a purchase the website sends the money to Stripe (I understand that this is quite normal). Stripe process the payment and take a handling fee. About 1 week later Stripe deposits money into the company bank…

  • Supplier Turnover figures

    When running the report for supplier turnover, subcontractors who are nett and pay CIS tax, as it is a credit note automatically produced on your system, it is deducted from the turnover figure. 

    We need subcontractor turnover figures to give to the insurance…

  • Second level totalling in the Chart of Accounts allowing for split ranges

    Our Sage was set up years ago under a previous finance manager.  Over the years nominals have been slotted in and budgets rearranged that now we have split ranges of nominal codes that ought to be reported together.

    As it is neigh impossible to renumber…

  • Customer Payment Allocations

    We import a large number of our customer invoices and payments into Sage 50.  This leaves the customer records with zero balances but all transactions unallocated.  It then can take hours each year manually allocating the entries when it should be a simple…

  • Anyone Interested In A CRM For Sage 50cloud (also known as Sage 50c)

    Having used Line 50 as our 'back-office' system for 18 years we tried to find a CRM that would seamlessly integrate with it and endded-up creating our own.

    We having been using our system for over 18 months and, as well as standard CRM functionality…