• Sage CRM 2021 R2 has launched in UK and Ireland!

    We’re delighted to let you know that the release of Sage CRM 2021 R2 is available with Sage UKI from Friday 27th August 2021. 

    What's New in Sage CRM 2021 R2?

    • Enhanced screens and lists for new installs
    • Configurable choice of pipeline style
    • Additional…
  • Aged Vendors


    I am trying to find a report that will show all my aged vendors for a period of time so I can print them off each month and re-do our audit checks or make the vendor inactive.  I want to pull a monthly report that shows all the vendors that were activated…

  • Last Cost Price Automatic Updating

    When receiving deliveries, Sage automatically updates the product last cost price to that contained within the PO.  Is it possible to turn this feature off?

  • Due Dates on Sales Invoice

    Can the due dates on Sales Invoices be 30 days from invoice date instead of 30 days from Sales Order date?  Our Sales Orders can be created months in advance, so calculating the due date from that Sales Order date is incorrect.

  • Why is the 'Use Default Tax Code for Sales' tick box greyed out?


    On a couple of my customers, the tick box for 'Use Default Tax Code for Sales' is greyed out, when T22 is selected as the Default Tax code. Does anybody know what may be causing this? I've never seen it greyed out before and don't know what could…

  • Stock automatically allocated to all quotations. HELP!


    We are having issues with Sage automatically allocating stock to every open quotation in the system. We noticed this happening few days ago and are unable to fix it. 

    Basically every time one of the employees create a new quotation Sage would FULLY…

  • Why and how to avoid: Orders input by other users not showing immediately.


    We have several users who look after sales and purchasing who are in different offices.
    Often, one user will input e.g. a sale; however, other users cannot see this sale immediately which can result in the sale being input again by another user…

  • VAT Reverse Charge - credit line on Sale invoice

    When sending a service invoice, we show the deduction of retention on the invoice which goes to a different nominal code to allow us to control the amount outstanding for retentions held.

    I have just tried to create this but sage will not allow it  "CIS…

  • Is it possible to set the Default Sales Nominal Code for the Special product codes (S1/S2/S3)?

    I'm sure this must be possible, but I can't find the option anywhere - I've only seen how to set the Tax codes for these.

    Thanks in advance

  • CIS assistance pleas

    Hello - Please be kind! First Time Poster

    I have recently taken a new job and have come across a query I am not confident enough to sort out.

    Previous book keeper made payments on account to Sub-Contractors under the CIS system - however the invoices were…

  • Changing VAT on a previously VAT reconciled invoice - how to?

    I have just discovered that VAT was missed off a bunch of import invoices, which have already been included in previous VAT returns.  My question is, now I have copies of the invoices showing correct VAT breakdowns (which are within the 4 year amendment window…

  • Access Denied

    Hi, I have been getting the below message pop up since December. It is driving me round the twist now. I have tried restating the computer Sage is downloaded to and also deleted the QUEUE.DTA file.

    Anyone get any other suggestions?

  • Would it be possible to add Bills of Material to the list of things you can import to Sage 50?

    I'm sure this has been asked before!  It would help me no end if BOM's could be imported from a spreadsheet. I have over 1700 to create over the next few weeks, and doing it manually is very laborious and time-consuming.

  • Unallocated customer receipts not showing on statement

    I have set up a custom statement to show the customer PO on our statements. This has been done by a local join from:


    However this works and shows the order number as planned... However when there is…

  • Remote users can't see memorised journals after reuploading company to Remote Date Access (Sage Drive)

    I had to reupload and reshare the company cloud data with all users (long story). After doing so, remote users complain that when they go to 'Nominal codes>Journal entry>recall', they can only see the default journal templates - not any that have been…

  • Deleting transactions


    Sorry if this has been asked before - I have had a look through the previous questions but can't find what I'm looking for.

    I'm not trained in accounts, I use Sage for our family-run business so apologies if I'm asking silly things :)…

  • Remote bank feeds in Sage 50 v27?


    We just set up bank feeds in our Sage 50 C. A remote user sent me a screen shot this morning - it says:

    'This option is not available on a remote site. To complete this task, please contact the main site. This will be the site that originally set…

  • Sage50 Go Cardless: Bad Email Address Issue - Blocking Import of Settlement Transactions

    Hi, I have a client who has the following scenario and issue:

    They sent out mandates from the Go Cardless website. One particular customer responded and signed up. The customer signed up but mistyped her own email address, adding an extra dot in the dot…

  • The password was not recognised during Login

    Our clients have been using Sage 50 UK v 24.2 running on Windows Server 2012 for past few years, before 2 days we received this issue on login for one of the Company Dataset, 

    Can we resolve this issue, as a Sage Partner, as we have Re-installed the .net…

  • Receipts or invoice amount in words

    Can anybody suggest how to design the invoice form to include amounts in words in sage 50 UK.


    I Use sage 50 cloud pro v26, we dispatch good using the sop/pop standard features within program.

    this is so slow and not automated.....

    This means when we print the courier labels (tuffnells) we have to type manually in from sage to the tuffnells software…

  • Attachments for Remittance advice from customers

    Currently adding attachments to POP invoices and PI is great - but it would be really useful to attach remittance advice against Customer Sales receipts so they are always on hand for viewing if mis allocations have occurred by staff 

  • Sage Drive for Sage Accounts v24

    We have  Sage accounts installed at 2 sites.

    One has been updated day to day with transactions. 

    The other is held by the bookkeeper, which they use to produce accounts, and tax..  This is updated from time to time by the 1st user giving the bookkeeper her…

  • Warning when amending invoice raised from quote


    I've just started converting quotations to invoices.

    If I amend the invoice it comes up with a warning:

    "This invoice was created from a quote. Any amendments made will be shown on both the quote and the invoice."

    Is there a way to deactivate…

  • Vat return reprint/ Include reconciled transactions


    I  was reconciling Jan to March VAT . (Sage50)

    i had calculated the vat return and was trying to print when my machine crashed me out of Sage 

    It does not now seem I can reprint the return in order to send to head office who then consolidate for…