• When I deselect <Include Inactive> the Product List doesn't show some products that are actually active - the only way to see them is to <Include Inactive>

    I have set the flag on some of my products as inactive.

    When I deselect the <Include Inactive> button (hoping to only see the active products), the Product List doesn't include some products - even though they don't have the inactive flag selected…

  • Error pulling data in SSIS from ODBC connection


    I am trying to pull the data from sage into sql server using ssis.

    However I am receiving the following error

    I have set my ODBC connections up as 

    And the SQL server setup is

    Can anyone help?



  • SAGE Pastel Partner South AFrican SDK vs SAGE 50 and SAGE 50c UK edition differences and compatibility

    Hi Everyone

    We have developed a few apps to help automate capturing into SAGE Pastel Partner in South Africa. We have been approached by a few UK companies using SAGE 50 to look at the same products. I have been trying to research whether the sdk connector…

  • When posting a Supplier Payment can the 'Cheque' field be auto filled with the 'Account Name' field in the associated Supplier Account?

    When posting a Supplier Payment that has been made by faster payment (or another electronic payment) it would be useful and time saving if the 'Cheque' field could be auto filled / populated with the detail in the 'Account Name' field in the associated…

  • Project costings

    Please can you make it easier to correct an entry in the project costings. Currently if I enter a charge and then need to correct it I have to raise a credit and then start again.

  • Extracting Product Details to an Excel file

    Hi. I'm wanting to extract the product details however most of our product codes start with varying numbers of zero's and some without zero's at all. I need to retain the zero's but after extracting the data I have lost all the leading zero's. Is there…

  • Sage 50 Cloud Accounts- Is it possible to include two stock code/part numbers on an invoices?


    We have our own stock codes that we use for all the products we sell and these are shown on the invoices. However, one of our customers has asked us to also show their own part number for the same item on all our documentation to them. Just so they…

  • Payments on Account

    Is there a report to run to find all suppliers with outstanding payments on account?


  • Use Open Bankling to make E-Payments

    With open banking now being available, improve the e-bankling facility to make use of Open Banking thus avoiding the need to export a file from Sage and import to the appropriate bank when it can be achieved directly from within the software.

    For e-bankling…

  • Option of adding other sections to the chart of accounts to be able to subtotal without adjusting in excel

    I would like to see the option of adding another section into any of the parts of the chart of accounts. I need to split the overheads into two categories manually in excel, but an option just to add another section to the chart of accounts, would really…

  • Multiple Company Files

    I have been told with sage50 accounts we cannot open multiple company files at the same time. I want to be able to open our current business file as well as opening a second back end file without having to log out of the current one first. 

    Sage have…

  • Postponed VAT Statements

    Does anyone have a report to help reconcile the Monthly postponed import VAT statement?  There appears to be one for Ireland but not GB.

    We are using Excel but is there a quicker way?   

    We found the instructions on making the actual adjustments but a quick…

  • Is there any where to see Sage 50cloud version history? I would like to know how many revisions there has been of v28 before upgrading to it.

    as above

  • Sage 50 (UK) trial version

    Hello Team,

    Could you provide a link to the source where I can download the trial version of Sage 50 (UK)?
    I want to install the trial version so get familiar with the functionality.

    Thank you!

  • Revocation information for security certificate for this site is not available.

    When we open sage we get the security alert that "Revocation information for the security certificate for this site is not available. Do you want too proceed? Yes/No

    We are running version 27 and it only affects one workstation.

    I have tried installing…

  • Custom program cannot connect to Sage 50 after upgrade from v25 to v26

    Hi all,

    I have a customer that have been using Sage 50 and my custom program for few years and its working perfectly. Until recently the customer upgrade from v25 to v26, now my custom program is not working because of connection problem. The error as…

  • Allow supplier invoices in projects to be costed without committing to ledgers

    Reverse Charge VAT... ugh.

    As a building company we  are now liable to pay  the VAT  to HMRC on our supplier invoices. We often get these invoices about 4 - 6 weeks before payment from the customer, and we often use these invoices to actually bill the customer…

  • Journals with notes

    It is great that an attachment can be added to the journal entry but it would be great if you could add a short note.

    I am sometimes instructed to process a journal and having the ability to add a note to remind myself of why I did it would be really helpful…

  • Sage CRM 2021 R2 has launched in UK and Ireland!

    We’re delighted to let you know that the release of Sage CRM 2021 R2 is available with Sage UKI from Friday 27th August 2021. 

    What's New in Sage CRM 2021 R2?

    • Enhanced screens and lists for new installs
    • Configurable choice of pipeline style
    • Additional…
  • Aged Vendors


    I am trying to find a report that will show all my aged vendors for a period of time so I can print them off each month and re-do our audit checks or make the vendor inactive.  I want to pull a monthly report that shows all the vendors that were activated…

  • Last Cost Price Automatic Updating

    When receiving deliveries, Sage automatically updates the product last cost price to that contained within the PO.  Is it possible to turn this feature off?

  • Due Dates on Sales Invoice

    Can the due dates on Sales Invoices be 30 days from invoice date instead of 30 days from Sales Order date?  Our Sales Orders can be created months in advance, so calculating the due date from that Sales Order date is incorrect.

  • Why is the 'Use Default Tax Code for Sales' tick box greyed out?


    On a couple of my customers, the tick box for 'Use Default Tax Code for Sales' is greyed out, when T22 is selected as the Default Tax code. Does anybody know what may be causing this? I've never seen it greyed out before and don't know what could…

  • Stock automatically allocated to all quotations. HELP!


    We are having issues with Sage automatically allocating stock to every open quotation in the system. We noticed this happening few days ago and are unable to fix it. 

    Basically every time one of the employees create a new quotation Sage would FULLY…

  • Why and how to avoid: Orders input by other users not showing immediately.


    We have several users who look after sales and purchasing who are in different offices.
    Often, one user will input e.g. a sale; however, other users cannot see this sale immediately which can result in the sale being input again by another user…