• Drill Down In Report Designer - Customer Invoice Disputes to drill down to Customer Invoice

    In Report Designer I am editing the report called 'Customer Invoice Disputes' and I'd like to drill-down on the Invoice Reference to show the actual invoice. I am able to locate the drill-down function on the properties menu, but unable to find the right…

  • Sales Order Labels

    Hi, I'm looking for some help with label printing.  We're a goods distributor and need to find a way of applying a label to products loaded onto our vans, so the driver knows what product goes to which drop.  I have setup the template with the customer…

  • Detailed supplier transaction report including all allocations

    We have an issue with a supplier where their account is in quite a mess, however the account we have is all balanced.

    We have been back and forth a few times trying to help them match their unallocated transactions and each time it seems to open a new…

  • Using IF statement to select a delivery date?


    I have a Sales Order confirmation form set up so that each line on the order can show its own delivery date. This calls on SOP_ITEM.DUE_DATE and has to be manually input.

    Should any line contain a blank SOP_ITEM.DUE_DATE then I want to be able…

  • Report designer- Sum function doesn't add up properly

    I'm trying to design my sale order template and I would like to add the Total Weight and the total packages into the sales order footer.

    However, I tried the Add Expression, and I use the Sum Function, but it doesn't really do the job properly instead…

  • I cant get a total field to work in a report footer

    I have followed this help link to add a total of a field to the report footer.  It returns absolutely nothing.  Any idea what im doing wrong?


  • Nominal Report expression and field help please? Im stuck!

    How do I add nominal debit and credit totals to a nominal report footer that only cover income and expenditure but not the bank account balances that are at the top of the report?  Have no idea with Sage reports as to which fields i need or the expression…

  • Help in Setting and amending a report

    please could anybody help me set up this report?

    Covid has played havoc with my brain and I need simple instructions. Step by step kind.

    I am using Sage 50 Cloud Accounts uk.

    I’m wanting to set up a new report with the following information shown on…

  • Report Designer - Customer Day Books Report - Delivery Address

    I work on Sage 50cloud. I want to add delivery address to the 'Day Books: Customer Invoices (Summary)' report as we want to be able to filter invoices by the delivery location.  Everything I have tried is just bringing up the main account address…

  • Report Designer frequently asked questions - March 2021

    We've gathered the common questions you're asking us about reporting and Report Designer in March 2021.  This includes:

    • Adding reverse charge messages to your layouts.
    • Issues emailing documents.
    • Finding the best report in your software

    Read more…

  • Message Line on Reports - show message lines specifically on Reports (not Layouts)

    I have been asked to print out reports for meetings.
    This report specifically is for SOPS - printing out an itemised quote list.

    I usually enter an "M" Message line on the first line of every quote which I input the customer's enquiry reference.…

  • Has anyone found a report that I could have that allow me to export every reccurring customer invoice details?

    Hi All.

    Hope someone can help. The recourring invoice button in the invoices and credits module has a great send to excel button which is really handy, however I'd like a report that also produce the information on this report as well as all the details…

  • CIS Domestic Reverse Charge VAT Invoice Wording

    This is a Report Designer question, I think.  I have some customised service invoice layouts which I have based on standard SAGE invoice layouts.  In Report Designer the property RevChrgMssge exists in my customised invoice layout.  When I run the report…

  • How can I add POP_ITEM.DUE_DATE to Outstanding Sales Order Report

    Hi all,

    We have just moved to Sage 50 and are looking to add the POP_ITEM.DUE_DATE to our Outstanding Sales Order Report, so that on our backorder report it shows the due date for the items ordered.

    I have been able to add the POP_ITEM.DUE_DATE to the…

  • Adding line discount to sales order in Report Designer


    Is it possible in Report Designer to add the line discount and percentage so it is visible on a sales order?

    I've added the discount by line to the sales order itself so I can add a discount for each line by percentage which is what I want but…

  • Grouping Report Sections

    So this question is based on a report I've been working on for while and just can't crack.

    I'm trying to create a report which is effectively a total requirement list for a Sales Order.  It needs to list the sales line items together at the…

  • User ID in Report

    Hi guys,

    I'd like to add a field to a report that puts the user ID or user name in the corner (to show who exported it), but can't find the right field in any of the join tables.

    Does anyone have any idea where I would find the right expression…

  • Line Misalignment Sales invoice

    I have never noticed this happening before but apart from the first invoice line, the net amount, %VAT and VAT amount are not aligned when emailing. They are ok if you view and then print or  email. Only when emailing direct.

    I have edited them to try and…

  • Receipts or invoice amount in words

    Can anybody suggest how to design the invoice form to include amounts in words in sage 50 UK.

  • Project costing reports, is there a way to have a report set up that will exclude certain cost codes?


    We run projects through Sage and our project manager likes to receive reports with the cost codes with detail, we have set up a report for this.

    However he has said he wants to continue using the existing report but with two of the costs excluded. 


  • Profit Invoice Report


    I run the profit invoice report each month which we find very helpful however I notice that the report picks up 'Cost based on the average cost price'

    Our raw materials are subject to seasonal fluctuations so it is important for us to know…

  • Variable Text Fields for Invoices and Statements

    We have a variety of customer types.  Members, Non-Members, et al.  Each outgoing communication has information regarding banking details, company registration and director's names.

    If any of that information changes, we need to open every single invoice…

  • Auto Generate Reporting

    Is it possible to receive automatic daily reports directly from sage using a scheduled time / date?

    So if i want a certain report to be emailed to me, or generated, it doesn't it automatically without me having to click on the report & criteria every…

  • Report - Posted Date by Username

    I have looked everywhere but is there anywhere you can print a report where it sorts transactions posted by a certain username on a certain date "posted date".

    Any ideas or do i need to design my own report?

  • Wordwrap when code more than (x) characters long


    I'm looking to create a conditional formatting expression where if a stock code is more than x characters (lets say 10) long, then enable word wrap. I know how to enable word wrap, it is the 'if' part of the expression I am struggling with. Does anyone…