• Add credit notes to itemised chase letter


    I would like to include credit notes on the reminder letter as it s only showing the invoice. 

    Can anyone advise how i do this please 

    Thank you 

  • Projects & Departments

    Hi All,

    I am after some advice. We currently use projects in SAGE 50 for costing purposes. We have, in the past had 5 or 6 projects (installation of different energy saving measures) under one contract for which we have separated out the costs & revenues…

  • May Support Bulletin now available!

    The latest edition of your support bulletin is now available. Packed with hints and tips to help you get the most from your software, why not have a quick read today?

    Topics include:

    • New release coming soon...what's included?
    • Customer invoices
    • Preparing…
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    Our free webinars help you to discover more efficient and effective ways to use Sage 50cloud Accounts. Upcoming topics include:

    • Bank Reconciliation - Tue 15 March @ 2pm
    • Creating Sales Invoices - Wed 16 March @ 2pm
    • Personlise your invoice layout - Thurs…
  • Seasonal tips for Sage 50cloud Accounts

    There's a lot going on in the build up to Christmas. With that in mind, we've put together some Sage 50cloud Accounts tips to make life a little easier.

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  • New Help Centre - You spoke, we listened......

    As a direct result of your feedback, we're really excited to tell you about a fantastic new Help Centre we've created just for you.

    Discover simplified guides, support hubs and much more, so everything you need is just one click away!

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  • Free - live - 50cloud Accounts webinars

    Our weekly webinars help you to discover more efficient and effective ways to use Sage 50cloud Accounts. The sessions are free to attend, run each Wednesday starting at 2pm, and last approximately 30 minutes. In addition to watching the live demonstrations…

  • Nominal Analyzer


    I have 7 nominal codes that appear in the nominal list, but not under any heading in the nominal Analyzer, is there any obvious reason for that?

    Any advice appreciated.


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  • Sage 50 outlook emails showing as "please treat this as private". Can this be changed?

    When sending statements & invoices from Sage via outlook, the email generated has a little message next to follow up, showing as "Please treat this as private". Having scoured the web for this, the only info i can find is on changing outlook settings…

  • Sage Accounts Support Bulletin - July edition out now

    The latest edition of the Sage Accounts Support Bulletin is now available. Topics include:

    • VAT Tips
    • HMRC Direct Debit changes
    • Checking for duplicate transactions
    • Cashflow / missing invoices
    • Memorise / Recall / Recurring - Avoid repetetive tasks
    • Free…
  • Sage 50cloud Accounts Support Bulletin - June edition, out now.

    The June edition of the Support Bulletin has been published today, featuring the following topics:

    • Changes to e-commerce VAT in the EU
    • Returning to work
    • Adding coloured lines to list windows
    • Adding and removing columns to configure your view
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  • Useful tips and resources

    We've gathered together some fantastic resources to keep you up to date with changes in legislation, as well as the latest information and help that's available to you. Read more >

  • Report designer- Sum function doesn't add up properly

    I'm trying to design my sale order template and I would like to add the Total Weight and the total packages into the sales order footer.

    However, I tried the Add Expression, and I use the Sum Function, but it doesn't really do the job properly instead…

  • Popular articles in the Sage Knowledgebase this week

  • GO Cardless

    Hi - I have been using Go-Cardless for three years now and am just about to process for the first time on sage. I am worried this will duplicate all the payments entered manually. 

  • Subscription expired?


    I signed up to Sage 50 Accounts as I've signed up a client who uses it.  I got confused and signed up for a free trial for the wrong one.  The success manager rang me, told me I had to have the back up converted, helped me arrange it and said the…

  • Filtering customers by currency when posting a customer receipt

    We use Sage 50 cloud accounts V27

    We use multiple currencies within our company.

    Each bank and customer account can only accept transactions for one currency type. eg we have GBP accounts, Euro accounts and USD accounts

    When we post a customer receipt…

  • Why and how to avoid: Orders input by other users not showing immediately.


    We have several users who look after sales and purchasing who are in different offices.
    Often, one user will input e.g. a sale; however, other users cannot see this sale immediately which can result in the sale being input again by another user…

  • Moving customer invoice issue


    I've recently moved a customer's outstanding invoice from one customer account to another - the issue is that in the original customer account the invoice has been marked as cancelled and is no longer showing as outstanding (as expected) but an additional…

  • VAT Reverse Charge - credit line on Sale invoice

    When sending a service invoice, we show the deduction of retention on the invoice which goes to a different nominal code to allow us to control the amount outstanding for retentions held.

    I have just tried to create this but sage will not allow it  "CIS…

  • Q&A Live - What's on....

    Sage Q&A Live is our award-nominated support channel. During the session, you'll be able to ask any question you need - whether it's advice, technical support, demo requests, or general information. 

    We've updated the timetable for our Q&A…

  • Message Line on Reports - show message lines specifically on Reports (not Layouts)

    I have been asked to print out reports for meetings.
    This report specifically is for SOPS - printing out an itemised quote list.

    I usually enter an "M" Message line on the first line of every quote which I input the customer's enquiry reference.…