Monthly Profit and loss account by department

Hi, I know there is a profit and loss account report that splits by month for the whole company, it would be great to have that option by department as well. Is that something that could be developed for the reporting options?

  • If you have ODBC you can do this. You can take it into Excel Access Crystal whatever ODBC compliant products you have. If you need help with the tables use one of the crystal reports to view them or you are looking for the Tables Audit Journal (provided you are not looking at historic data)/Nominal_Ledger all you want out of the Nominal tables is the account name. The Links for these are

    Audit Journal.Nominal Code links to Nominal_Ledger.Account_Ref

    Make sure the link uses all the data out of Audit Journal (right click the link and chose all records from Audit Journal it should not matter but better safe.

     This can be a live link to excel so all you would do is right click the data and refresh this would auto update the data.

    You should then be able to create a report format the way you want in Excel and just update.

    I often in development take data to Access and then create views and look at the data. Just open access choose data and the ODBC link then download all the tables.

    You could also modify a Crystal Report in the editor to put the departments in.

    Hope this helps.

  • I think this is a good idea considering we manage a Franchise with 4 different departments!