For Sage to listen to the people using Sage on a daily basis instead of just pandering to bean counters.

How do.

If we had a box in the office along the lines of a swear box where we put some money in for every time someone said, then we could have all retired by now.

We speak to support far too often and we're asked to submit our greavances here, which we do but what happens? Nothing.

We look at the road map to see what's coming and... nothing of any use to us poor souls that have to use it to book parts in, book parts out, sell parts.

If you're an accountant, great, you get improvements all the time and that side of it (not that I understand any of it) seems okay and our tame book keeper seems quite content but has anyone from Sage actually had to use their own software to run book parts in from a partial purchase order?

I'm going to do it in a minute, post a few ideas but why do we bother? does anyone actually read them? just all seems so pointless.

The only people that do seem to come here are the ones in the office who are probably book keepers and accountants and I think the updates that we do get are weighted in the wrong direction.

The people who do have to do the run of the mill tasks with Sage are unlikely to come here and waste their time and if they do then the people voting for ideas probably don't understand what the workers are moaning about as they only faff about with nominals etc. and don't vote.

Come on Sage, ignore the accountants for a bit and give us some useful updates for us at the bottom of the pile.

  • Now know that the messages are read as my post has been edited, not sure if that makes me feel any better as it now means they do read and just choose to ignore!

  • I am a "bean counter" but I agree with you.  The software needs to do more for the other aspects it "offers".  Things like purchase orders needs to be fit for purpose as does the projects module!  I've been asking for "Batch Changes" and extra "analysis fields" in the projects module for years but to no avail and I've been a loyal customer of Sage since 2008!  I feel your pain!

  • Well thank you Simon, you have just made my day!! I was beginning to think there was a conspiracy against me for all the complaints I have put to Sage over the years! I honestly believe Sage do not use their own software!!

  • What makes you thing we bean counters like Sage anymore? I wonder how many new sales of Sage 50 are made. I for one am actively looking for a replacement and stopped recommending Sage to people years ago. It just hasn't  kept up with the flexibility that businesses need to survive now.