• Make a new PC the main PC in Version 27

    The main PC has crashed and the drive is broken. I have a new PC connected to the dataset and is online. How can I make this new PC the main primary PC please?

  • Why do we keep getting this error message - Check data error - 'Purchase Order total on order is (number) less / greater than total on order in stock files'


    Hoping someone may be able to enlighten me.  A client has had the following error occur twice in the last week and, although the recommended fix works to clear it, I want to understand what they are doing to make it happen.  It is a pain because there…

  • Currency on Customer and Supplier Accounts

    We have come acroos a rediculous problem. One account cannot have multiple currencies, we have now had to create a new account in a different currency, so we have 2-3 accounts now for different customers just because the system cant handle more than one…

  • Sage using the word Cloud

    Anyone else throughly confused by Sage having Sage Cloud accounts and Sage 50Cloud accounts! Sage 50Cloud accounts isn’t hosted on the Cloud so why is it called that? I know it can be uploaded via the Sage link but that doesn’t make it a Cloud product…

  • Looking for new accounting software - advice


    I'm hoping the community here can help to advise on the best Sage product to use. We already have Sage Payroll and I'm wondering if Sage 50 Professional Cloud is likely to be a suitable product. Just looking for a steer at this stage.

    We are…

  • Sage 50c Accounts Microsoft Office 365

    I have a notification when i try to print my documents as follows:

    "Printing or Emailing documents from a Sage Drive remote site will not result in a PDF copy being stored in OneDrive."

    Can i force a save to One Drive in any way?Sage 50c Ac…

  • How to set up Sage Drive

    The New Sage 50 Accounts software has a great new look and feel - everyday tasks are now quicker and easier. Users of the software will now have the freedom to work from anywhere and feel connected. It even allows you to work better with your accountant…

  • Sage Drive: How to manage users

    Now you've set up Sage Drive, it's time to manage users.

    Sage Drive allows you, your team and your accountant to work in real-time from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

    To find out how to get your team and your accountant started…

  • Sage Drive: set up for a remote user

    Now you've set up Sage Drive  and managed your Sage Drive users, it's time to help your remote users access your data.

    Sage Drive allows you, your team and your accountant to work in real-time from anywhere in the world with an internet connection…

  • Microsoft Power BI and Sage 50

    Has anyone connected Sage 50 UK to Microsoft Power BI for reporting? and if so how? as that is something I would really like to do. I wish that Sage would build a Content pack for Power BI so it was a native integration and I don't have to go down a 3rd…

  • Cloud Backup

    I'm getting an error reported by email after each attempt at cloud backup;

    "An error while uploading files for backup of dataset: Cheers Wine Merchants Limited .\nReason: Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

    Normal scheduled…

  • Applemac v windows

    I run Sage Accounts on my company windows system, but I have an applemac at home. Is it possible to work on my mac from home via Sage drive?