• Slow when searching company list

    Are there any fixes/solutions to resolve this issue? With over 300 companies listed it takes a considerable amount of time before the list is populated with the results? This was only first noticed in version 27 but can see that the issue has moved into…

  • Sage 50 Accounts v28 lockups using RDA on a Server


    We've recently upgraded to Sage 50cloud Accounts v28 and took the opportunity to move the database to a server running Windows 2016 Standard. We mainly use Remote Data Access for our half-dozen users but also have a couple of office-based users who…

  • Euro bank account reverse journal

    We had received funds that were immediately transferred into a new Euro account so I created the account and posted the transfers from the C/A, which created Journals for the GBP balance (as I hadn't given the Euro account a rate), now I want to reverse…

  • Nominal Analyzer


    I have 7 nominal codes that appear in the nominal list, but not under any heading in the nominal Analyzer, is there any obvious reason for that?

    Any advice appreciated.


  • SAGE 50 Accounts integration with Microsoft 365

    We have run into a problem with integration. 

    We have updated Sage to V27 with the hope to be able to use Microsoft integration and new features.

    But Sage require full access to the MS Admin account, which is not possible for security reasons as all data…

  • Sage 50 Accounts Windows 2012R2 installation

    we have a new cloned installation of a previously working Server but receive "Unable to contact the sage License Service", does this require internet access to authenticate the license ? any tips on requirements for connectivity ?


  • Should 'Quotations' be visible in the navigation bar in Sage 50cloud Accounts?

    We have Sage 50cloud Accounts v27.2, and 'Quotations' isn't visible in the navgation bar - is this right? I understand that there is a difference with how quotes can be converted in the Pro version of Sage - but any documentation I can find online seems…

  • Sage Sdata create Invoice in Draft mode

    I have been using the Sage Sdata examples made by  over at https://github.com/darroncockram/sdatasamples. They have been a lifesaver for me. I was wondering if it is possible to use this method to create an Invoice and place it in draft mode…

  • Automatic product invoice updating

    We have an issue of security where users can create a product invoice, print it and then edit it changing the customer / product details.  This in effect creates a 'ghost invoice' without the stock figures being affected (we don't use SOP). As we deal…

  • Sage 50 outlook emails showing as "please treat this as private". Can this be changed?

    When sending statements & invoices from Sage via outlook, the email generated has a little message next to follow up, showing as "Please treat this as private". Having scoured the web for this, the only info i can find is on changing outlook settings…

  • 1st line of invoice visible in list of invoices and credits - please and also carry through to statements and other reports

    Please can you advise whether it is possible to add an extra column  in the list view of Invoices and credits to show the 1st line of the invoice/credit?

  • Nominal codes Activity taking so long to display


    we just upgraded to sage accounts version 25 and now the nominal code 4000 is taking ages to open and at times is makes the whole system hang. its been three days trying to get this activity with no avail.

    any who has experienced this.

    kindly hel…

  • Adding Ex ref field to purchase orders to transfer ex ref to supplier invoice


    Is there a way to have both supplier Reference fields (Ref and Ex Ref) show on Sage Purchase Orders so that these fields will prepopulate to the supplier invoice on completing and updating the purchase order so it automatically shows on the supplier…

  • Row/text box sizes too small for text

    Hi all, I am struggling massively to display Sage correctly. I have contacted the Sage team on phone, spoke to an online chat/ambassador and joined a webinar - all suggested I try playing witht the resolution and scaling. I have tried every combo of resolution…

  • Cost Codes

    I have 3nr items on a purchase order from 1 Company. Obviously I can select a different "Product Code" for each line that is entered but I cannot have a different "Cost Code" for each item. for example;

    Line 1; SW100 - 50mm x 50mm softwood…

  • Emailing invoices/statements


    I wonder if anyone can help.  I can email invoices no problem, but I'm not able to email statements, but was able to last month. I've checked the settings in report designer and created a new statement and still no joy. I've sent myself a test email…

  • Sage 50 Account Configuration file export to new computer

    Hi Support/Community Team,

    We have sage 50 Account Data on the server and we want to replace new pcs from which sage 50 account installed and can access then all working fine.

    Now we want to replace those pcs and installed Sage 50 account software. As…

  • Remote Data Access keeps dropping out

    The last 2 days our Data server Main reports no internet connection when there is internet. Suggests the Sage server and our local data server are discconecting . Remote users are getting messages saying the main computer is offline. We suspect its related…

  • Why is the 'Use Default Tax Code for Sales' tick box greyed out?


    On a couple of my customers, the tick box for 'Use Default Tax Code for Sales' is greyed out, when T22 is selected as the Default Tax code. Does anybody know what may be causing this? I've never seen it greyed out before and don't know what could…

  • Nominal Report expression and field help please? Im stuck!

    How do I add nominal debit and credit totals to a nominal report footer that only cover income and expenditure but not the bank account balances that are at the top of the report?  Have no idea with Sage reports as to which fields i need or the expression…

  • Suggestion for Quotations by Professional Services Companies

    I work for a Professional Services Company and currently all our fee earners prepare their quotes in Word and if the quote is accepted the information is then transcribed into a Service Invoice in Sage.

    I have looked at trialling the Quotation feature…

  • Multiple Deliveries and invoices for one Purchase Order


    I have set up one PO for a job on Sage, and this is for a range of items over the life of the job. I get partial deliveries of goods from the PO on a daily. As a result, I might have numerous goods marked as delivered but these will be invoiced separately…

  • Sage Drive and Sage ID

    With the new changes to the Sage ID, does this mean that Sage Drive will stop working completely for older versions, regardless of their licence?

    More specifically, will you have to be on Sage 50cloud Accounts v27.1 to get the data synching features in…

  • Why and how to avoid: Orders input by other users not showing immediately.


    We have several users who look after sales and purchasing who are in different offices.
    Often, one user will input e.g. a sale; however, other users cannot see this sale immediately which can result in the sale being input again by another user…

  • GB and XI EORI Numbers

    For Europe we need a GB EORI number. For Northern Ireland we need an XI EORI number.

    Sage 50 only allows us to enter one EORI number. Will you be adding a field to allow the second version please?