year end

our year end was October 20, a year end has been processed, it has now been extended to April 21, couple of things, I have some year end journals to enter from our accountants, should I do this before or after changing the year end dates, on back up should I do a full one, at the moment I only back up data files and report files, I would appreciate some advice on the best way forward

  • Hi Sue,

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    If the journals relate to the year end, I'd be inclined to post them after the year end has run. 

    With regards to backups, we recommend daily data backups after checking your data, but with reports and other files they can be backed up less frequently, maybe monthly.

    This article has a little more about backups >

    If you're extending the financial year you can read more about that here >

    If you're shortening the financial year we've got that covered here >

    Hope that's helpful.



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