GDN information onto standard delivery note

Afternoon Users..

I found a really helpful post from a few years ago that I was going to re-ignite but it seems I can't.

The below is exactly what I want to do for the exact same reason as the OP of the original thread, however following the instructions I just get a Syntax error "42000" Invalid filter in WHERE clause.

Can any one throw some light on it? I have cleared any filters on the document but the error persists as long as the GDN data field is present.

I can't believe something so obvious is missed by Sage in that really what you should produce at this stage is a GDN given that its quite common to deliver an order in several parts, for us for example its contractual deliveries from an agreed volume. It's a real nuisance that the delivery note doesn't pull from the GDN tables in the database to begin with..

It is possible to add the GDN number to the Delivery Note. This is not on the Delivery Note by default as it only works if you fully despatch your orders instead of part-despatching.

You will need to edit the despatch note and select Report > Joins > create the following join:



Join type

After this you can add the variable GDN_ITEM.GDN_NUMBER to the layout which will show the GDN number.

For the Invoices, you can add the variable INVOICE.GDN_NUMBER to bring through the same information."


  • I'm on V24 Professional and the GDN is on the standard Goods Despatch Note underneath Order Date. So it's unclear as to why you're not getting it but I don't use GDNs in the main - only for backorders which are completed in full.

    There maybe a misunderstaning too of the join instructions; the comma implies you are joining the two fields in SOP Item to the corresponding 2 fields in GDN Item