Deleting on Sage Line 50

On Sage line 50 is it possible to delete a quote + customer name and then reuse that account number for a new customer?

  • Hi Mandy,

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    If the customer record has no activity, ie no transactions associated with it then yes, you could delete the quote and the record and use the number again.

    If there is activity on the record, to delete the record you'd first need to remove the activity using the Clear Audit Trail Routine. Clear Audit Trail should be used with care and only after creating a backup. It removes all alloctaed and reconciled transactions up to the date you specify, for all customers, suppliers and nominal codes.

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  • Thank you Andy.  I will try that... presumably the quote has to be set to 'lost' rather than left as 'open'.  Is there some thing that can be done about old quotes that have been accidently set to 'won'?

  • Hi Mandy,

    You can delete a Quote with any status, but if they're marked as won it's likely they've created an invoice or Order as a result and these may need to be removed. I've tested in my software and if you create a customer and a quote then they can both be deleted without issue.


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