Main Site

Why do you need a main site for sage 50 cloud, I thought the cloud would hold all the relevant information?

  • Hi Suzanne,

    The data is still owned and stored by your company on a master\main PC and syncs with Remote Data Access (previously known as Sage Drive) to allow a remote user to view and process data.  The data is not stored in the cloud.  The master\main PC does not need to be a server, it can be a normal computer.  This machine would be syncing and allowing the remote user access.

    You can then connect to the data during the add company process on remote machines.  When the remote user accesses the data, this will download a copy of the up to date data locally to their PC each time they connect. 

    Sage Remote Data syncs data back and forth between the main and any remote sites.

    I hope this helps make things a bit clearer for you.

    Kind regards,