Invoices and Statements email settings


We have a customer who want his invoices emailed to one email address and his statements emailed to anther address.

Its my understanding that both invoices and statements will be sent to the first email address listed on there profile.

Is it possible to send invoices and statements to different addresses?

  • Hi Fyobl,

    Yes it is!

    You can set this up in the Email Defaults under the Settings menu.

    But first I'd suggest you go to the Custom Fields in Configuration settings - I always recommend to clients that they change the names of the Customer and Supplier Email records from Email 1, Email 2 etc to be something like Invoices, Purchasing, Statements for example on the customers record. This way when information is entered in the record it's always in the correct box . Then when you go to the Email default settings you can say that all statements are emailed to the  'Statements' email address.

    Hope this helps.


  •  Thank you.

    This is exactly what I'm looking for!

    Now i have applied this I'm getting an issue where i need to have an email in Email 1 field or it wont allow me to save the customers profile?

    Is there a way to save the profile without having to input an email ?

  • Hi Fyobl,

    It's only mandatory to have an email in email1 if you are sending electronic documents, so for example you can populate email1 and email3 and leave email2 blank. So it may be prudent to set email1 to be the correspondence email address you will always send  documents for e.g. something like invoices for customers, and remittances or PO requisitions for suppliers.

    But if don't want to do this, then you could put in something like [email protected]  - something that you'll recognise to filter out should an email document be produced accidentally.

    Hope this helps.