Ability to handle "units of sale" or "units of measure"

I know this has been asked before, going back years it seems, but I'll ask again.

I buy a lot of electronics parts, and for some of these, they come in reels of 1000, 4000, 10000 etc.  So when ordering a reel of 10000 parts, each component is £0.005 so £50 for the reel.  When used in BOMs for products they are individual parts, not reels.  I have just had a close call when ordering a reel of 1000 items, where they thought I wanted 1000 reels.  The PO showed a qty of 1000, as that is the only way Sage can operate (unless I resort to editing the PDF of the PO), and they didn't read the text on the PO saying this was for 1 reel and not 1000 reels.  The order confirmation was a shock to the system.

Having moved from Quickbooks earlier this year which you could create "units of measure" of say, 'reel4000' was 4000 individual items, I find it very surprising that Sage 50 can't handle this.  In QB I could order 1 of a part with the reel4000, but for stock, it showed I had 4000 in stock.  The price for the reel, say £30, would have the individual item price automatically calculated as £0.0075 each.  Things were very simple. The correct pricing for assemblies all just worked.

It isn't feasible, for example, for a BOM to use 0.00025 of an item (1 item from a reel of 4000).  But if anyone has a workaround please let me know!

The forum search has shown this to be a repeated request going back years, so it seems to add this would help quite a few people. 

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  • Sage200 is way too expensive, even going to Sage 50cloud is expensive for me.  Especially in the current climate.  I’ve moved to Sage50 as it can solve many issues I had with QB Premier, including declining support for the desktop versions in the UK. 

    The BOM route doesn’t really work, I can sell 100 parts to someone else, but I’d have to invoice them for a fraction of the original reel quantity. 

    This kind of thing is fundamental to lots of small businesses, such as buying a case of wine and selling bottles. A pallet of goods sold as separate items etc.  

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