Random customers not receiving emails by invoice

We send invoice emails as pdf attachments to our customers. Typically we don't get many issues.

However, for a long time a seemingly random number of customers do not receive emails from our main account sender. The sending email address is in this format [email protected]

I can't understand what the issue could be. For example one long standing customer of 30+ years today has been late to pay, they have never paid late, but upon checking they have not received the email or the invoice by email.

To get around this we're having to send the email from our accounts person to me, and i am having to forward the email on, even though my email address is in the same format, with just a name change differentiating them.

I wonder if anyone has any suggestions here as to what the issue could be.

Should we change the format of the email generated from sage? 

Deducing the issues all i can think is that it is something to do with the email being generated automatically by sage. Perhaps there is some sort of encoding added which our customers securitt filters do not like. If we then forward the email on (from the sent items folder) it is typically received.

Hopefully someone can offer some suggestions here.


  • Hi Adam did you manage to resolve this? I am having the same problem and its so frustrating, been on with google support for over an hour today as advised by sage it email problem, and google assure me everything is set up correctly in gmail so must be sage.

  • Hi Reb1304, no i didn't. I checked with our email hosting provider who are a uk based company. They confirmed that the email was going from our address to the customer so everything was right on this side, but he couldn't confirm whether it was received by them (we know the answer of course) so we're still having some issues. But it definitely seems as though the sage generated email is not being received. But i will try the suggestions as per this thread

  • Thanks for coming back to me Adam. Its so frustrating isn't it.... what you've written is exactly the same for us! 

  • Yes and i must say that Sage were not helpful in the slightest. Even suggesting that it was an outlook problem and they cannot get involved with other software. It's taken a chance post on a sage forum to come up with a potentially great solution, (so thanks Anita.)

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