Sage 50c Exporting sales Invoice to PDF emailed version is a mess

Exporting a sales invoice to PDF which is attached to an email. Hard copy is perfect however the emailed version is a mess (overprinting, out of alignment) and prints as a mess for the customer too but my hard copy is fine.

  • Hi Debris,

    Thanks for using Sage City.

    When you say the hard copy is fine is this printed out from Sage?

    If you export to PDF rather than email is it the same issue?

    Final question is this an invoice layout you've amended or is it one that comes with the software (if so whats the name of the layout)


  • Hi Ian

    Hard copy is printed from Sage.

    If I export to PDF and save the Invoice to a folder on my desktop it is also fine. The problem seems to be only the emailed PDF.

    Invoice layout is one which we amend a long time ago - just to include our Logo.. 

    The 'messy' PDF's is not happening to every invoice - it's random.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for that info, by the sounds of it we know that the layout is working and it may be the email settings.

    For us to look at the email settings you'll need to Edit the Invoice Layout so it opens Report Designer.

    Then go into Report across the top of the toolbar and then Email Settings.

    Under Email Message should contain make sure that the highest group is selected. In the example below it's 7 but yours could be any number. if this is wrong, correct it then say OK and then File > Save to confirm the changes.

    Let me know if this doesn't fix it.



  • Hi Ian

    Just checked and it was set to the highest (8). 

    The other thing that is happening randomly: When I have entered my description of the Service to the customer the next field along is the cost which should be in alignment with the last line of my description however, on occasion this is not in alignment, it drops down a few lines.

  • Hello,

    Thanks for checking, sounds like the email settings are correct.

    It may be best to call us for this one so we can troubleshoot it in real time. It's tricky not being able to see the design.

    You can see your support options at the bottom of this page >> Sage Help Centre