Sage 50Cloud - host computer being a PC


We are transferring to sage 50 cloud. We are all working remotely without a server. 

I understand (just about) how Sage Drive works with regards to syncing and the need for the data to be hosted on the main computer.

My work PC would host the data whilst 2-3 other users will connect remotely. They will be working on it throughout the day. 

I would appreciate any feedback / potential issues on this set up. I am a bit confused as to whether the main computer (i.e. mine) needs to be connected at all times or whether i can switch it off and sync with Sage Drive when it is switched back on.

The scenario i am thinking about is when i have am on annual leave and naturally i dont want to leave my PC on 24/7. 

I would be really interested to know others experiences of this and any advice. 

Sage have told me that this set up works but honestly have been a bit vague on these scenarios! 

We are also looking at having it hosted too but naturally would be keen to avoid the cost if its not necessary.

Many thanks