Sage v27v printing problems


I down loaded sage V27 I am having problems when trying to print invoices and purchase orders, but only for two customers and one supplier, the two customers were the first invoices I put on in V27 I got, no data for this report message. same with the purchase order.

Since then I have managed to setup the Invoice templates I want to use, any new order I put on works fine, but these two customers and one supplier just will not work. I have tried to put the orders on again but the same problem happens no data return for this report.

Even if I try to put on different order for the same customers they wont work.

Any ideas please



  • The most likely cause of the 'no data' message is that the the customers are not fulfilling some filter, criteria or join within the layout. Without seeing the layout and the data it's very difficult to tell specifically what is not being fulfilled.

    Is it one of the built-in layouts you are using? Is so could you let me know the file name and I could see what sort of things might be tripping up in the data. If it is a custom layout are you willing/able to share the layout here?

  • Hi Darron

    I have tried using standard layouts and ones I have modified, these are customers who have been buying for years, no changes have been made to their details, I can't understand why this is happening.

    I have just put orders on the system and they printed OK but not these other customer.

    Also when highlighting several orders to print it only prints the first one

  • One thing that would be worth checking is the address settings for the customers in question. If you edit one of the customers you are seeing the issue with and go to Address & Contacts -> Preferences what does it show in the send to column for Orders/Quotes and for the default delivery address?

    If it is an invalid or empty address then select the appropriate one and click OK.

    Given the nature of the issue it might be worth changing the address to another one even if you are seeing a valid address (perhaps create a temporary new address record on the customer just for testing).

  • Another thing to look at would be to check the joins in the layout you are using. If you open the layout for edit in Report Designer and go to Report -> Joins -> Use Raw Text Editor then copy/paste the text here I could check the joins are looking like they should.

    Whilst you re in Report Designer it would be worth checking your filters by going to Report -> Filters -> Use Advanced Filter and again copy/paste the text here.

    Finally if you go to Report -> Criteria and see if any criteria are enabled.

    Armed with that it should give us a fair idea of where the problem might lie.