issue v27

Ive had a few issues like others with upgrading V27 - latest one being, it has moved the page down,e.g.: if I want to save/Close a document, these boxes are now in the lower toolbar at the bottom of the page, out of reach, I therefore have to every time, move the page up or minimise it, so I am able to press these buttons? Please advise me how to adjust the page to fit properly again.

Thank you.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for using Sage City.

    Which screen within Sage 50 are you having this problem with? Where do you go to get to it?

    If possible can you provide a screenshot?



  • Good afternoon Ian
    Thank you for your reply.

    Please find enclosed copy of screenshot.

    I’m in batch suppliers invoices, you will see page is open fully but slightly moved down, bottom right save/close button is on lower tool bar.

    Many thanks
  • Hi Debbie,

    Thanks for providing the screenshot.

    Couple of options to fix this one.

    The screen position/size is stored in a file held in C:\ProgramData\Sage\Accounts here you will find the file called Sage.ini

    If you delete this file it will set back the default screen position and sizes for all windows within Sage 50 Accounts. Make sure you close Sage 50 Accounts before deleting this file. This file just holds settings for sizes and will not impact your data so is safe to delete (it'll recreate itself again)

    If you don't want to delete the file, you could instead resize the invoice window by dragging one of the corners to the size you want it to be, the sage.ini file will remember that setting next time you go into the window. Alternatively, you could press the maximize button in the top right-hand corner so it takes up the full screen.

    Hope this helps.

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