How to account for a supplier refund when no actual credit note received

If we have received a refund on a) a cancelled event and b) an invoice mistakenly issued to the company but have received no actual credit note (nor will we), do I need to post a credit note anyway otherwise I will not have anything to allocate my refund to. And how would I date this credit note? We are not VAT registered so no VAT implications. Thank you very much

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    Could I just check, the original invoice had this also been paid off? 

    If it has, and the refund is cancelling the payment made - then yes you would also want to rise a credit note as well. This will then allow you to allocate the refund to the credit - which should then in turn ensure the transactions won't be outstanding on the account. 

    When you raise the credit note, if you raise it with the same date as the original invoice (if it is this one it needs to cancel) - so that everything ties together on the same date. 

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