Sage 50 Accounts Professional - remittance function not responding


When running our remittances, the program has frequently stops responding and gives the message "SBDDesktop.exe is not responding. There doesn't appear to be a reason why this happens as we can get the process to run occasionally. We are currently running v24.

Any ideas?



  • Hi David,

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    When the program gives the message, is it when your run it for a specific supplier? Or it is very random?

    If it is an intermittent issue, it could potentially be down to something environmental on your PC, causing an issue with the files the program is using, quite often this can be due to Anti-Virus software. 

    I'll pop a link below, which will take you to some information about modifying your AV software so it works with Sage not against it. 

    Modifying your AntiVirus

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    Sage UKI

  • Hi Nicola,

    Thanks for your reply. 

    Unfortunately it appears to be random. I spoke to our in-house IT team last week to try to resolve it and sadly the process ran perfectly the first time! Typical, isn't it?

    The same has happened today when we've gone to send this week's remittances out and while it's great that it has worked, it still doesn't answer the question as to why it randomly happens. I'll keep an eye on it and consult our IT team if it happens again.

    I did manage to speak to someone on one of your helplines who confirmed there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with our data and thought it would be something to do with firewall or AV software.

    Thanks again,