Brexit templates

Is Sage creating Commercial Invoices and Packing List templates for export sales and Purchase order templates for imports

  • Hi Gerard, 

    Thank you for using Sage City. 

    We don't have all of the information in terms of the Brexit updates as yet.

    However, I do know that we will be releasing an update which will include the ability of creating a Commercial Invoice - this update hasn't been released as yet. But I'll pop you a link below, with some information about it. 

    Brexit - Commercial Invoice

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    Sage UKI 

  • Hi Nicola,

    It is great to hear there is going to be a new commercial invoice template. Will there be additional data fields for completing the additional details such as reason for export, incoterms etc. or will these need to be coded into different versions of the template for different terms? 

    We currently use different incoterms for different customers for example.

    Also we understand that the Customer EORI number will also be required for a valid commercial invoice - is this also going to be added the template and data base?

    Look forward to hearing from you as we are trying to get everything ready for 01JAN21 when this will all be live.

  • Hi Adrian,

    We're adding the EORI number to Settings > Company Preferences so you can add the businesses EORI number.

    We don't currently have plans to add an additional data fields around reason for export but you could use the analysis fields on the Order tab of Invoice and Credits. The layout we'll provide will have reason but it would be a text filed that would require manual changes.

    Hope this information helps,


  • Hello, I have downloaded the template but can you advise how we generate this after completing a sales order? Apologies if i have missed this. 

  • Hi,

    Where did you get the template from? and have you added it to your software yet?

    Sorry, my reply was referring to a future release for v27.1.