Bank Feed - Barclays Corporate (UK)

Barclays Corporate (UK) Open Banking feed was added in April 2020.  Cannot setup because the SAGE mini browser does allow login to Barclays iPortal, which must be specified as a trusted site.  Has anyone manage to activate feeds for this account and provide help?



  • Good evening.  Is there any update on this? From the comments it looks as though 5 months ago sage were looking to add to their list of supported feeds. There was an update request 2 months ago for which there doesn't appear to be a response.

  • Hi again, wondered if uprading to Version 27.1 (Brexit version) will solve the problem - has anyone tested this?  Has anyone managed to get the a SAGE bank feed for Barclays Corporate working yet?



  • Hi,

    v27 won't fix this issue for you. The issue cannot be fixed from with Sage 50. uses a no longer supported browser for web-logins (Internet Explorer 11)

    Until it upgrades to support Microsoft Edge / Google Chrome it won't work. When they do it will work in any version of Sage 50 Accounts that supports bank feeds.

    You can test the problem without Sage 50 by going to the login page on Internet Explorer and then doing it on Chrome. On Chrome, you'll notice you don't get the option to login due to lack of support.

    iPortal | Barclays - Login

    Hope this information helps,


  • Barclays now supports Microsoft Edge but, running the latest version of SAGE 27.2.664.0, I still cannot activate bank feed for our Barclays Corporate accounts because I am unable to see the pesky Barclays login button in SAGE's browser. 

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