What is recommended for the "Main Site" ?

Hi folks,

I've inherited an incomplete Sage 50c rollout and I'm having a bit of a hard time getting my head around how Sage manages the dataset. I foolishly assumed that, being the Cloud version, all company, account and user data was stored centrally on Sage servers somewhere and that the local client software read and wrote to these servers. Not so it seems! Our Sage partner stuck multi-company Sage 50c onto one of our "out-of-office" employees laptops and now as we start adding users, installing the software on more machines and enabling additional features - we're seeing a lot of "Main site offline" ... "LAPTOP-XYZ is offline", etc!

Obviously the above situation is not tenable.

We are multi-company, 4 to 5 users spread across 2 fixed locations and then some road warriors. Should I purchase a standalone PC, install the Data Service, make it the Main Site and the pop it in one of our offices and keep it running 24/7? Or might a Windows server on AWS or Azure running the Data Service work?

What setup does Sage or others here recommend for hosting the Main Site?