Purchase Order Delivery Address - Telephone number wont print

I have various Customer Delivery addresses attached to a Supplier record and the delivery address has a contact name and a telephone number.

But when I add the telephone number to the PO layout it prints as blanks. I am using PURCHASE_DEL_ADDR.TELEPHONE. 
It would be very useful to have this data printed out on our POs to suppliers.

There is supposedly a report that prints delivery addresses out but when I ran that it only showed two delivery addresses against that supplier when I know it has at least 6 .

And I'm assuming that the SALES_DEL_ADDR.TELEPHONE_2 that seems to be available appears to come from the Customer record rather than a Purchase Supplier which is not what I want.

Am I missing something or is my understanding of Sage 50 files and their field names very limited.

Grateful for any feedback