Sage Premium Support

Hi.  I asked this question 2 weeks ago via another post but received no response from sage.  Please could you confirm the correct contact details for sage premium support and the opening hours - I have tried 0845 111 5555, 0845 245 0253 and 0845 111 0803 from various other posts.  Other than first thing in the morning or last thing in the afternoon there is a waiting time in excess of 1 hour just to speak to someone.  Before the sage accountants club became accountants network our calls were answered within a couple of minutes.  I was also of the understanding that premium support was open from 8am until 8pm - however calling of the above numbers just now (at 6.45pm) there is a recorded message saying that you are closed - normal hours are 9am to 5pm ?  (I am guessing the support staff have had enough for the day due to the high demand !)